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Monday June 20, 2011 The Day in 100 Second Tubes

Oh my God! TMPtv has brought back the day in 100 seconds!!

Yay, I can tube safely again.

Now if only Headzup would return.

I guess the Onion will have to suffice.

Or just watch this.

Got that?

Oooph. I missed an entire week. Bear with me here…

Oh damn, I forgot last week was still a Weiner of a week.

Who is the boogie woogie bugle boy of company B?

Golf summit? Why is everything a “summit” now?

That is potato former Vice President Quayle

Be sure to check out the response to the Vitter question. Astonishing. Course Jughead had his own little dust up years ago. At least no one ended up dead here. But then again Blow resigned right away. No fuss, no muss. Oh look over there, Gary Condit and Chandra Levy!

GDP and profits are up? Where the hell have they gone?

We have the right to vote for RAW MILK. Go Ron Paul, go. No really, just go…

Heh. Now I have structure again. Perhaps I can post more often and even write a line or two. It must be said that there are no plans to put an entire week of The Day in 100 Seconds in a diary again.

Personally I think the world will end November 6, 2012, when Bachman and Perry are elected POTUS and VPOTUS. I guess the Mayans were right, the world ends in 2012. It just ends five weeks earlier than we thought. Or maybe a month later…January 21, 2013 anyone?


  1. spacemanspiff

    Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes!

    Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes!

    Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes!

    Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes! Tubes!

    I had no idea how much I missed these until today.

    (now going to watch all the tubes!)

  2. spacemanspiff

    This is spacemanspliff.

    I have an important message.

    We have to start thinking about a Moose Meet (it’s been 3 years, maybe in 6 we can agree on location).

    It should be on some important day in history (or huge celebration) so we can have 2 reasons to go.

    Election night in D.C.?

    We could get in all kinds of mischief.

    (this is the sports fanatic in me going nuts)


    No I’m not!

    HA! You THOUGHT about it! You know you did. You’re mulling it over.

    Nah. You couldn’t. But… If I… What if… Hmm…

    You’re checking the 2012 calendar…

    Nah… But…

    Obama is going to win. Period. All we do is win. /trashtalk

  3. spacemanspiff

    I am a Democrat. I will always be a Democrat. No matter how mad I get at my party. All those working against Obama’s reelection should expect a Fail from me. Working against Obama’s reelection is the very definition of fail. Criticize him. Push him. Bajen santos (bring down saints/curse/swear/@#$! ). All that is fine and cool but voting for the R? In this election? Fail.

    Now you know.

  4. DeniseVelez

    A friend sent me this link

    Media Types: Don’t Call Someone Who Works for Republicans a Disaffected Progressive

    Nothing surprising there. We know politicians’ “spontaneous” outbursts are increasingly staged and intended to gin up attention and cash. But this I found interesting:

       Jeff Cosgrove, managing director of the CommonSense Media online advertising network, which has clients in both parties, said a growing number of campaigns book ads in connection with television appearances or other public events.    “These things aren’t necessarily as organic as you would think,” Cosgrove said. “They seem to be often premeditated.” [Emphasis added]

    If you follow the link to CommonSense Media and then click on the About page you find this:

    (graphic omitted)

    Yes, that’s right, CommonSense Media, a firm that does work for Republicans, is led by Jane Hamsher.

    In isolation, I don’t care what Jane Hamsher does for money (and it’s not even clear that any revenues from CommonSense Media make it to Hamsher’s pocket). She can do whatever she wants, and I’m not interested in getting in to any battle about purity with her or any of her allies. But it’s time for the media to stop lazily presenting her as a representative figure of liberal Democrats, of the Netroots or of ideologically committed progressives. She’s not. She’s someone who leads a firm that Republicans pay to help them defeat Democrats.


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