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Doomsday Dish.

In preparation for the upcoming rapture, I thought it important to help people prepare for the end of the world tomorrow.

Although reports from Sydney claim no asteroids and locusts yet….


One can never be too ready!

In the case Australia somehow has been spared… Here are some resources to help.

The Last-Minute Rapture Reading List

If no Rapture or doomsday tomorrow, sell the euro

How to prepare for The Rapture

Service cares for pets after Rapture

Good luck, stay safe and everyone and feel free to post your recommendations.


  1. Max Headroom would be proud. One nut, who already made one failed prediction, gets 0.00000003% of the world’s population to buy into his latest prediction and it’s all over the news.

  2. Pet care for your critters when you’ve been Raptured away!

    Since many Christians don’t believe animals go to heaven, 62-year-old Bart Centre has created a website that matches devout pet owners with animal-loving atheists who promise to take good care of the animals after the Rapture has occurred.

    It might sound silly, but at least 12 West Virginians had signed up for the service as of Thursday afternoon, Centre said in an interview.

    Two atheists in West Virginia have signed on as caregivers, should Jesus in fact return to earth this weekend, he said. He didn’t name any of his clients or caregivers.

    “Who better than someone who believes that they will never be raptured to be sure to stand in and take care of one of the most important members of your family,” he said. “The fact that I believe it will never happen is neither here nor there.”

    Of course, since I’m an atheist, I’ll still be here to care for my critters — but hey!  I foresee a whole new career opportunity.  Payment details are the only real glitch I can see.

  3. DTOzone

    it broke, suddenly the battery went dead and now it’s not charging. It says it’s charging, but it’s not.

    It is 2 1/2 years old, perhaps time for a new one

  4. Though, this WAS the scene in Deerfield, MA:

    You will notice the lack of WASPS flying through the terribly Historic air of this quaint little town. Mind you, there IS Deerfield Academy next door, so perhaps this visual sampling is tainted by the company we keep, with so many over privileged youth and the faculty who try to pry knowledge into their skulls.

    I am sort of wondering how the crazier Evangelicals who set so much value on the date are taking this turn of events.  You might notice that none of the Big Evangelicals really hopped aboard the Crazy Train–end of the world DOES sort of mean an end to the rivers of gravy–but I do wonder if Phelps was in his yard yesterday and watching the sky NOT fill with his neighbors, and if he actually got wood until he realized that he wasn’t floating anywhere either…

  5. Shaun Appleby

    Looking back on it I’m a little disappointed.  A few million less rapturous Evangelic types would probably have given the global average IQ a much-needed bump.

  6. Rashaverak

    I am listening to Harold Camping via the Family Radio audio stream.

    He says that God came in Judgment on the 21st but, being merciful, does not want people to suffer for five months.  God is going to wait until October 21 before unleashing the earthquakes and the Mother of All Fireballs.

    The World is under judgment, and people can no longer be saved.  So, Family Radio will not be warning the World about what is coming in October, or trying to evangelize on the air.

    He also said: no refunds of donations.

    As far as the timetable is concerned, a fellow named JimB called this one exactly.  See the first post in this thread:

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