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WAYBACK MACHINE: Fox News Belittles and Mocks the Canadian Military. UPDATED

Originally posted in March 2009, this diary actually was one of the few that helped create an international incident of sorts.

Both President (Barack) Obama and Secretary (Hillary) Clinton have expressed the U.S.’s gratitude for the commitment and sacrifice of the Canadian Armed Forces in Afghanistan. Canada has been a steadfast and capable partner on the ground in Afghanistan since 2002, and we are grateful for its contributions toward achieving security in that country,” the U.S. State Department said in a statement Monday that was issued in response to the Fox broadcast.

What with the war in Afghanistan still going strong, what follows is the original in its entirety.

It Gets Better – Redux.

I originally wrote this almost a year ago… but since we’ve got a bunch of new peeps and I am very lazy this moment, I thought I would repost it.

Doomsday Dish.

In preparation for the upcoming rapture, I thought it important to help people prepare for the end of the world tomorrow.

Although reports from Sydney claim no asteroids and locusts yet….


One can never be too ready!

Obama Middle East Speech – Israel/Palestine.

Obama’s 45-Minute Middle East speech earlier was amazing. A full transcript can be read here.

While it touches on so many issues surrounding the region, especially in context of current events, the most striking (though nothing really new) points are that of the Israel/Palestine conflict.

The video and text follow:

Nazi Guard Gets Convicted in a German Court.

A Munich court today handed-down a 5 year suspended jail term to Nazi death camp guard John Demjanjuk also know as ‘Ivan the Terrible’ for his role in the murder of 28,000 prisoners.