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Bye, Bye Glenn!

Glenn Beck is “transitioning” away from his daily Fox News program later this year.

Mashable is reporting that:

– More than a third of Beck’s Fox audience was lost after his “Restoring Honor” rally at the Washington Mall.

– After calling President Obama a racist, urged consumers to boycott Beck’s advertisers, ultimately resulting in more than 400 Fox advertisers saying they didn’t want their commercials on Beck’s show, according to Forbes. That cost Fox News owner News Corp. a cool $600,000 a week.

Aw hell – who really cares?

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  1. Just kept inflating and inflating and inflating, until at last………

    Not even a satisfyingly crazy POP at the end, just a pathetic small whoosh.

  2. but crazy goes down to the bone.

    I don’t know anyone – outside of 9/12 contacts I made for the purpose of tracking this phenomenon – who would openly admit to watching the show. Not even my very conservative friends ever bring him up or defend him in any way. There is only so much tolerance for nonsense in the end.

    Beck has made Palin and even Rush well-grounded.

  3. Jjc2008

    all, to me, are HATE mongers, bigots, jerks, sexist greedy liars who got an audience.

    I despise when the media people call Beck an entertainment genius.  It saddens and angers me because there is no talent needed to appeal to ignorance and fear.  It’s easy.

    If any of you have ever watched “continuing drama”, the genre aka soaps, the phenomena started years ago…..rapists, thugs, killer became heroes on the show.  They were redeemed, excused et al because the producers hired physically good looking people to play the parts and appealed to a need, on the part of some audience members, to feel they could control evil by “changing it.”

    In the political world, I believe, people fear their own ability to hate and be violent.  By having entertaining types use humor or drama to confirm their right to hate and be violent, they capture the audience of ignorance.   Somehow, the Beck audience, the Rush audience get to have confirmed that it is “good” to hate, to fear, to punish, to resent.

    I know way too many conservatives who are proud to admit to watching FOX, listening to Rush, and believing Glen Beck is just telling the truth.  There are way too many people, like Brian Williams, who believe Rush has a “legitimate pov” and that others like Howard Kurtz who say Beck is a genius at entertaining.  I think both are WRONG.   Millions of people rush to see an accident.  Reality tv cleans up on appealing to the worst in all…….it doesn’t make them geniuses any more than Beck is a genius.  

    Do people flock to hear what a good, decent human being an actor who is not addicted to drugs, who does good steady work, lives their lives our privately?  Nope.  But they all tune in to hear about observe Charlie Sheen showcasing his addictions and/or mental problems.  Or to see Lindsay Lohan fall apart.  

    Until and unless decent people denounce ignorance, stop paying attention to how easy it is to exploit people for money, jerks like Glen Beck will get rich off of hate and ignorance.

  4. HappyinVT

    We’re pretty torn up about the announcement that the Glenn Beck Program is going off the air. There are so many memories.

    Who can forget Glenn saying “progressivism in the cancer in America,” calling President Obama a racist, or warning us that AmeriCorps was a secret scheme to indoctrinate our children? Oh that Glenn.

    It’s going to be tough, but we’re working through our grief by creating a “Farewell Glenn Beck Chalkboard of Memories.” You can add your name to the chalkboard by filling out the form on the right. And if you’re not having too much trouble writing through the tears, you can even add your favorite Glenn memory. Don’t worry, we’ll send the whole thing to Glenn himself.

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