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In Support of Egypt

I have never been to Egypt. My brother went on a school trip there in during the time we lived in Iran, but I always wished I had been able to go there. I lived in Iran for five years, although the final year I attended boarding school in Salzburg and My parents moved to southern Iran to a place called Chahbahar. It is an interesting place, look it up:~J

While I had hoped that the revolutionary protests in Iran in 2009 would have turned over the current government, I do not believe the revolution is over, but we will need to wait a while before it rises again. I hope the people of Persia can take their country back soon. At this time, it is one of the few countries in the world that are almost completely run by a religion. At least I think that is the case. Sigh. Now I will need to look that up>:~I

The government in Iran needs to go as does the Mubarak government in Egypt. In fact, the entire system needs to change in both countries. Egypt, like Iran, has a chance. Right now, Egypt has a significant chance at attaining the first real democracy in a predominantly Arabic Islamic country. Egypt is different than the rest of the Mid East in that the education level and secular society is extremely high. These people want freedom, not continued