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Open Thread: Am I Looking At The Right Camera?

Well, as expected, Bachmann and her Tea Party rebuttal provided my heartiest laughs of the evening (even more than sricki bombing ‘boarders’). Having now watched the talking heads off and on all day, it seems as though Obama struck the right tone last night. Those on the Right and on the far Left seem to find the most to gripe about…I am quite content with that. Was it low key? Yeah. Was it not as stirring as he is capable? Yeah. Was it successful? Again, Yeah. So, while the hairs on the back of my neck stayed flat, I am well pleased with what he said and with the response, thus far, to it.


What say ye, Moose?

I have spent some part of my afternoon poking about on DK4. I must say, I like what I see. I even went so far as to ‘test drive’ it. Rated a comment, Rec’d a diary, Sent a ‘message’, and…believe it or not…posted a diary. Granted, it was just a repost of a Moose diary (lol…as in, a TOTAL copy/paste)…but, a diary on DK4 nonetheless. I am still trying to sort out the ‘Group’ thing…but, at face value, I like it. And the toning down of the orange is appreciated as well. Has anyone else checked out DK4 yet? Thoughts?

Have at it, Moose.



  1. IL JimP

    to be a lot better, it should hopefully help tone down what GOS become lately and what drove me pretty much away.

  2. jsfox

    Haven’t looked. So far all I have read over at GOS are bitches whines about it.

    What I want to know is where is Moose 2.0 😉

  3. fogiv

    (1) i think SOTU was good. the extremes want a firebrand, most of america doesn’t.  most want their government to work for them (even big government haterz), and the tone he struck reflects that.  imo, long odds are that history will look very favorably on prez barack obama.

    (2) i think history will look at DK4, scratch its beard, and maybe shrug.  assuming history notices it at all.

  4. jsfox

    I was pleased on a number of fronts.

    He did not linger or pound on about the deficit. So those promising to be hammered playing take a drink every time he said deficit I’m afraid walked away sober. He defended SS contrary to all the pre speech hype about how he was going to attack it in the speech by the PL.

    I know far to many on the left heard Corp Tax cuts where I heard something quite different. Close the loop holes that permit almost 60% of US Corp to avoid taxes in any given year.

    I was glad he hasn’t abandoned the Dream Act. Yes, little or no chance he’ll get passed in the next two years, but the Latino voter now knows he does not want to abandon them. Politically very smart it forced some Republicans to already say no way which is politically stupid on their part.

    Was it a barn burner? No, nor should it have been. Once again he came off as the adult trying to lead a country through a difficult time.

  5. sricki

    I really don’t like that The Moose has become a sort of curse word on dKos. Case in point here, and I’ve no doubt there are others. To my eyes, The Moose was thrown at Blasky there in a scathing way when he did nothing to arouse that level of disdain. But for some people, the Moose tag in his sig line said it all. I think we should avoid behavior that results in that kind of perspective. And I don’t just mean how we represent ourselves at large on other blogs, but the way we talk here at home. People lurk and search comments and remember things, as should be painfully obvious from recent events.

    I hope you guys know that I have the utmost respect for the Moose as a collective, and particularly for some of the founders of this blog. That said, I think that some of us get carried away at times and may even come off poorly. I am not excluded from this. I have done my fair share of dKos bashing, even recently with their reaction to KO’s departure. I am going to try to avoid that kind of commentary in the future, and I think others should do the same. There are plenty of good folks on dKos, and it is not fair for me to paint the site with a broad brush.

    Some of what has gone on around here, and on other blogs of late, has kind of disappointed me. People I respect and love have been attacked, but what truly saddens me about that is… it was not entirely unjustified at times. Some of the rhetoric was overly harsh, yes, but some people who stood in opposition to some of us had decent points.

    We need to keep in mind that people read not only what we post on other blogs, but what we post here as well. Saying one thing on dKos and then posting incongruous comments here is kind of like picking our noses while driving and expecting no one to notice.  

  6. fogiv

    fogiv is in pretty good mood. fogiv had performance review today. uncle sam sez fogiv is ‘exceptional’ and ‘superior’. fogiv gets surprise big bonus. fogiv is actually ‘working’ right now.  wanted to brag, but also wanted to share this:

    I’m doing some historical research for a massive report I’m writing (damned dam). Anyway, I’m now looking at a May 22, 1901 mineral plat map, wherein one Alfred Baltzell staked a claim for a mine he entitled ‘Lost Confidence’.

    fogiv found this very funny. thinks miner Baltzell would have maybe made a good moose.

    now, fogiv back to work to maintain ‘positive’ ratings.


  7. HappyinVT

    because I agree with Peter King on something.

    The DHS is expected to phase out the stupid color-coded terror threat system by the end of April.  Instead of accusing the Obama Administration of being soft on terror Rep. King said:

    “It sounds to me like the changes they are proposing make sense. We will have to wait and see how they implement this new, more targeted system,” said Peter King, Republican chairman of the Homeland Security Committee in the House of Representatives.

    “I expect the biggest challenge for DHS will be balancing the need to provide useful and timely information with the need to protect sensitive information,” he said in a statement.

  8. spacemanspiff

    It’s called…

    What one elderly black woman taught me…

    When I was younger and an in-your-face militant with the big ‘fro and combat boots I wound up having to deal with some of our nice little old church ladies who were diametrically opposed to everything we were about.  They couldn’t hear us, didn’t want to have anything to do with us…wouldn’t even take a copy of the newspaper to read.

    Our attitude was fuck em. We had a bunch of nasty terms back then for Uncle Toms and Aunt Jemimas and such.  We were the revolutionaries.  We were so right on… that we were out to lunch. heh.

    One old lady called the cops on us 🙂

    You know – “The Pigs”.  

    But a gentle organizer who was older than we were pointed out that if we couldn’t reach our moms and dads and aunts and neighbors we were doing a piss poor job of organizing. That we needed to find ways to listen.  That we had to bridge the gaps.

    She said that we had to develop something called “patience”.

    Wonderful as usual. Her experience really come to life in her writing.

  9. HappyinVT

    Well, in Tuesday night’s unprecedented three-way competition to redefine the idea of a political platitude for a new century, the president of the United States was the clear winner. The other two competitors finished very far up the track. Representative Paul Ryan needs a lot of practice with the teleprompter, and at sounding like a human being in general. Representative Michele Bachmann, on the other hand, needs to work on not looking up and to the right of the camera lens, like she’s waiting for the crew from the Nervous Hospital to bust in and drag her off. Compared to these two trainwrecks, Barack Obama’s “America! Dude, We Rock!” pep talk was measured, nuanced, and, for the most part, very clearly in English.

    You cannot truly judge Obama’s second State of the Union address without first coming to grips with what came after it. Make no mistake: Michele Bachmann is a howling loon – a woman with no compunction at all about lying through her not inconsiderable teeth about virtually everything – but Ryan, no matter what his reputation elsewhere as a “serious” economic thinker, is no less radical, if somewhat less nutty. Where Bachmann has her devotion to the Constitution written by the voices in her head, Ryan has his economic “roadmap,” a Randian fever dream he produced a while back that so alarmed his fellow Republicans that they ran away as though Ryan had proposed the Affordable Cholera Act of 2009. The roadmap didn’t come up on Tuesday evening. Instead, Ryan, heavily lacquered enough to pass for a mahogany coffee table, seemed to imply that his three small children will one day be personally responsible for paying down the entire national debt.


    The speech did not resonate, at least partly because it was overshadowed from the start by the one Obama had given in Tucson two weeks ago, and by the strange improvisational seating arrangement inspired by a desire on the part of the members of Congress to demonstrate to the folks back home what great pals they really are. But, for all of its paeans to the indomitable spirit of American innovation, the State of the Union also fell flat because it did not confront the fact that at least a quarter of the country has gone so far around the bend that it may never come back. All of that pitching for clean new energy sources and green technology was being directed at a political party that is committed to its soul to the idea that the climate crisis does not exist. There was no appeal to Americans to be smarter, to be less violent with each other, to resist the temptation to be such abject suckers every time some grifter comes by with a “roadmap” or some mumbo-jumbo about The Founders, every one of whom would have laughed Michele Bachmann out of Independence Hall. There was an appeal to Americans to be better teachers, better scientists, better businesspeople. There was no appeal to Americans to be better citizens, to be better caretakers of a self-governing political commonwealth.

    Read more:

  10. HappyinVT

    Mr. Happy is thinking about whether he wants to move on or not.  I don’t want to talk too much about that ’cause I’ll get verklempt; I need to stay mad or busy.  So, I was looking to get busy (not that way) and saw an ad for eharmony got a crazy notion and signed up.  lol

    I’ve gotten matched 28 times.  Some are too old, no offense but I can’t wrap my mind around 60+ just yet, and some are in Canada and given that I don’t have a valid passport or enhanced driver’s license (long story) that’s a problem.

    I don’t really figure much will come out of this adventure except maybe a free meal.

  11. I’m quite disappointed in all of us right now. A simple suggestion to be less disrespectful of other blogs somehow turned into a battle royal between ourselves. It was an all too obvious example of what we say we dislike most about political blogs. Our famed (at least in our own minds) civility and rational discourse vanished in the blink of an eye. It’s not only disappointing, it’s rather embarrassing as far as I’m concerned. And please, don’t respond to this with finger-pointing, “he said/she said”, or “they started it”. I’d expect to hear that from 2nd graders. I don’t expect to hear it from adults who praise themselves for their civility.

  12. sricki

    messy, but at least it didn’t get THIS bad:

    A Florida woman faces charges after her ex-boyfriend accused her of hitting him and throwing his mother’s ashes through a window during an argument.

    Gainesville police say 22-year-old Ashley Renee Oxendine was retrieving her belongings Monday from a home where the former couple had lived. They got into an argument that police say escalated into physical violence when Oxendine scratched the man and hit him in the face.

    Police say Oxendine then picked up the urn containing the dead woman’s ashes and threw it at a window. The window broke and some of the ashes spilled.


    Let’s count our blessings, boys and girls.

  13. sricki

    Alaska state biologists may use a stun gun to incapacitate a moose still wearing a rope from a river rescue three weeks ago.

    Snowmachiners had lassoed the animal and pulled it from the Chena River after it had fallen through ice on Jan. 2. A rescuer tried to remove the rope then but the moose balked, so he cut it 6 feet from the animal.

    Alaska Department of Fish and Game biologist Tony Hollis says they haven’t been able to catch up to the moose. Fairbanks area biologist Don Young says a Taser may be ideal for the situation.

    The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports research into the effect of Tasers on moose and bears in Alaska has found the devices do not harm the animals.

    MSNBC – “Here’s a stunner: Biologists want to Taser a moose”

    Hope it isn’t me.

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