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  1. HappyinVT

    I haven’t watched Keith much lately ~ largely due to work schedule but, style aside, he was right more often than not.

  2. Shaun Appleby

    Poll Results


    Thank you for voting.


    Do you believe the National Enquirer’s report alleging that Todd Palin is involved in an extramarital sex scandal?


    Yes. I wouldn’t put it past him. 60%
    No. Sounds bogus to me. 32%
    I’m not sure. 8%
  3. sricki

    rec list are about KO leaving, including one really ridiculous plea for him to consider a Senate run. Good god, he’s just a pundit. I am truly sorry to see him go, despite my feeling that he is sometimes a bit petty, somewhat narcissistic (as all pundits are) and even slightly immature at times. He really has often been a voice of reason in times when few others served that purpose.

    But he is still just a pundit.

    I am not going to spend too much time speculating (or pretending to care all that much) about the wherefores of his departure. Congrats to him on a really good run. Let’s all move on.

  4. DeniseVelez

    over there is the one that hints he is returning to sports.

    The rest – oh well.  Funny how some people who consistently call others “bots” of some kind are wrapped up in adulation of a tv news personality.  

    Went to bed early and got up to let the dogs out.  Did not watch tv, and clicked on GOS to respond to some comments at Black Kos and found the rec list, and diary list choked with uber-Olber grief.

    I appreciate that KO featured some stories that didn’t get a lot of tube time elsewhere.  

    I did not appreciate his appropriation of the “Good Night and Good Luck” closing line of Edward R. Murrow.

    Perhaps because my undergrad senor thesis was on Murrow – I spent a year in college studying Murrow, and other journalists from that period.  

    Olbermann is not this generation’s Murrow.

    In honor of Murrow everyone who hasn’t seen it should watch “Harvest of Shame”

    the entire show is now online.

    I have never forgotten that in the intro Murrow cited a farmer saying

    “We used to own our slaves…now we just rent them”

  5. HappyinVT

    Keith starts a “Bring Keith back to MSNBC” page on FB.


    Mr. Olbermann is the voice for millions of Americans around this country with common sense values and ideas. He must be restored to the airwaves at once.

    Guess it wasn’t mutual.

  6. HappyinVT

    19 JAN 2011

    Sarah Palin Favorability

    Favorable 19.0%, Unfavorable 57.0%

    Sample:  1036

    MoE: 3.0

    Population:  Adults

    Mode:    Telephone

    Pollster: CBS/NYT (source)

    Conducted: Jan. 15, 2011 – Jan. 19, 2011


    Granted that’s not a large sampling but still 19% sucks!

  7. fogiv

    I loved Countdown for years, I really did. DVR’d it and never missed a show. Until about a year and a half ago, when I began to realize that while Countdown occasionally had  terrific content, more often Keith Olbermann was treating me like a rube, playing to my preconceptions and inflaming my tribalism. And it pissed me off. And it was tough, kinda like quitting cigarettes, but I quit Olbermann and found it good for me.

    I’m not claiming equivalency, not one little bit, so please don’t jump my shit about that. Nothing on Countdown ever came close to the fear and hate drummed by Beck and Limbaugh and others in right-wing media. Countdown was a kinder gentler spin, a nicey-nice liberal tribalism that allowed us to feel smug and superior and enabled us to sneer at those knuckle-draggers, and helped keep America as One Nation, Shouting Right Past Each Other.  No it was not even remotely like the hateful smears and lies peddled by Rupert Murdoch and Company. But all too often it was nothing to be proud of either, and in my view, nothing to go out of our way to defend or try to bring back.

    they haven’t HR’d him/her into oblivion, so that’s promising.

  8. creamer

    I’ve never found sanctimonious to be a positive character trait.

     While I often agree with KO, I often found him lacking grace. You can be right without being an ass.

  9. Jjc2008

    I am not a huge KO fan and was quite angry at him when he was trashing Hillary unfairly, imo.

    But I have to admit feeling quite disconcerted at the angry rhetoric on this blog toward him.  IMO, KO did more good than bad for the left.  

    If not for KO, I doubt I would even know what kind of insidious lies were being preached by the likes of O’Reilly and Beck. I never watch FOX, never want to watch it, never listen to Beck, O’Reilly, Hannity, or Limbaugh on radio.  Yet, thanks to KO I know some of the awful hateful, rhetoric Murdoch and Ailes have been pushing.  

    I get angry when anyone, especially those on the left, or those claiming to be centrist, main stream use false equivalencies.  While KO and Ed Schultz can at times be overly zealous, I cannot recall purposeful lying on their part.  Spinning maybe.  But out and out lying?   O’Reilly has lied relentlessly over the years about the “war on Christmas”.   He publicly lied for days about an elementary school NOT ALLOWING red and green to be used in the school, implying the outlawing of Christmas.  

    When and if KO or Maddow or Schultz have reported a false claim, they admit it ON AIR.  Never have I heard anyone on MSNBC, including Cent, encourage violence.   Yet O’Reilly for a really long time called Dr. Tiller, “Killer Tiller.”  

    While the MSM are cowards afraid to call out the extremes on the right for their violent rhetoric, they are not afraid ever to trash the left.  According to Reliable Sources, Brokaw was totally unhappy with KO and wanted him gone.  YET, Brokaw, way too often imo, give Rush and others the old “they are just entertainers” pass. I do not get that.  Brian Williams, a while back, claimed Rush represented a legitimate pov.  What the hell is legitimate about bigotry and hate?  Rush and others for years pushed “the Clintons are murderous drug dealers” on the air; Rush mocked a 13 year old Chelsea;  Rush uses racist language and dog whistles still.  And KO is the bad guy.

    I don’t get it.

  10. DTOzone

    Wall Street bonuses are good for poor people.

    Rudy Giuliani tried to make the case on CNN. A couple of my friends called me an idiot because I didn’t know this was true.

    Anyone want to try to make sense of this?  

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