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Obama's Speech- The Much Anticipated Left Criticism.

You knew it was coming.

You knew someone on the left was going to have a problem with Obama’s speech last week.

It wouldn’t make sense if there wasn’t at least one.

The Wall Street Journal has the scoop.…

The article is titled “Obama Fails To Win Over Partisans” which I guess is like how FDR failed to win over Japan with his speech in reaction to Pearl Harbor, or something.

Guy Saperstein, a prominent Democratic donor in the San Francisco area, had called on the president before the speech to use the moment to address head on the violent rhetoric of the right. At the very least, he said the president could have called for a re-examination of gun laws or mental health care availability. Instead, Mr. Obama said political rhetoric did not cause the shootings that took six lives and grievously injured Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D., Ariz.). Indeed, the president said the cause of the shooting may never be known.

I happen to partially agree with Saperstein that violent rhetoric on the right created the atmosphere for this, but until we can prove, if at all, that Jared Loughter wasn’t just a lone nut who wouldn’t have done this if not for the direct influence of the right, sending the head of state out there to throw partisan punches during a moment of national tragedy is assinine…but hey, what about Saperstein’s money, how will Obama win without it?

Donors are important you see, and Mr. Saperstein wants Obama to politicize a tragedy, so because he didn’t, he failed, except Breitbart said he did

On the other end of the political spectrum, conservative Internet provocateur Andrew Breitbart accused the president of trying to muzzle his critics with his call for civility. Mr. Breitbart said he was having no part of it.

“The call for toning down the ‘heated political rhetoric’ is a convenient scheme by the permanently intemperate and propaganda dependent political left,” Mr. Breitbart said in an email to Washington Wire. “Once this heinous and uncivil strategy of blaming Sarah Palin and the Tea Party for Jared Loughner’s act imploded, there were not only no apologies from drawing these false conclusions, the perpetrators outrageously doubled down on a more generic yet equally cynical strategy to stop heated political rhetoric.”

so he failed for politicizing the tragedy, while also failing because he didn’t.

Get it?

“King identifies the purveyors of discrimination, and he does it with a real sense of anger and indignation,” Mr. Saperstein said. “And that’s what’s missing in Obama’s speech.”

Perhaps worse for Mr. Obama, Mr. Saperstein plans to back up his criticism with his wallet, which he said will remain firmly in his back pocket in 2012


Good, if we need to cater to you to get your money to win, then your money won’t be enough to win anyway.

Use it and go create a few jobs, that’ll do more to help Obama than donating.  


  1. sricki

    I’m not saying you don’t have a point, but why is so much of your time spent bitching about the Left? You complain about our tent more than the Right’s (considerably smaller but exponentially meaner) one.

    Just curious, and sorry if I come off as rude but… woke up at 4 AM vomiting and am not in the best spirits.

  2. virginislandsguy

    about Guy T. Saperstein. He writes occasionally for the Huffington Post, which has not been real Obama friendly for a good while.

    He may not be real happy with Obama based on his article of August 6, 2009 titled “The Only Good Option For Health Care is a Public Option”. Pres. Obama probably failed him personally by not getting the PO passed.

    In his January 21, 2010 “What Next for Democrats?” article, he wrote the following:

    Point fingers and assign blame and if some of the blame touches Clinton, Summers and Geithner, be honest about it.  Use the findings to dump Summers and Geithner.

    Fire Tim Geithner and Larry Summers. Replace them with Joe Stiglitz and Elizabeth Warren. Withdraw Ben Bernanke’s nomination for the Chair of the Federal Reserve and replace him with Paul Volcker.

    Bold for emphasis.

    He seems to have that DKos bobswern, ZeroHedge, NakedCapitalism mojo going which asserts that the Obama Administration is in bed with the Banksters.

    Oh, and regarding his threat to keep his wallet “firmly in his back pocket in 2012” I guess that means he will not donate $1000 to John Edwards again, and no, Pres. Obama won’t miss his money cuz he never gave him any in the first place.

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