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December 8, 2010 Holiday Blues Tubes

Yesterday I was watching the news (not my favorite activity lately), and astonishingly enough, I saw something interesting. I will call him…Boxing Obama! I think he ate his spinach on Tuesday, and while I am not an aficionado of the pugilistic arts, my perception is for the first time in his presidency; my main man gave the left a right hook, grazed the right with a left uppercut, and smashed the nose of the media full on. It might have made the middle cheer. We can only hope that will be the beginning of some actual forward motion.

Honestly? I liked it and he’s ‘still got me babe’.

Got it CNBC???

Indeed. I am beginning to comprehend and I am getting frightened as my Poly Anna rose colored shades slip off my face. (oily pun intended;~J)

Ahem. I am off to the bank now. Need to make a withdrawl8~o