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Oops, I Broke It…

A funny thing happened on the way to the polling this morning. Showing up at Scotts Valley town hall, I proceeded through the process until I found myself faced with a touch screen and some helpful volunteers. With firm hand and the determined will of a Free Person Exercising his Franchise, I poked and prodded my way to the end and hit “Review”.

Two of my votes didn’t count.

The Review page showed two columns of cells, each with the title of the office at the top, the name of the selected candidate in the middle and a confirmation at the bottom.  The fourth and fifth cells in the righthand column showed “SV School District” and “SV Fire Superintendent” at the top, respectively, followed by the names of my choices and a startling message below: “No Selection Made”.

And it was all in red. Red usually isn’t good in such circumstances.

A bit of further prodding proved to provide a solution. If I selected two candidates for each position and went back to the Review page everything had returned to a calming shade of black. In each of the aforementioned cells the title of the office remained at the top, and both selected candidates for both offices showed below.

Really, an incredibly open answer to the issue of contentious political debate. We’ll just electe two people to each position and let them fight it out once in office.

After a great deal of discussion and the assistance of the volunteers (who I gave permission to view my screen) – and a conversation on one of the volunteers’ cell phones with a person at the other end of the Emergency Hotline (a nice guy, by the sounds of it, who’s day just got pointedly problematic), we figured out how to cancel my selections and get me back on a paper ballot.

California’s electronic voting system just became unreliable.

Sorry I broke your thing, was it expensive?


  1. a few years ago. Mine problem turned out to be a defective scanner. Give me hanging chads any day over electronic voting. And, I’m a techie. I just don’t trust electronic voting. Too easy to hack, too easy to subvert before distribution.  

  2. …which is still the system right across the UK.

    No hanging chads either.

    But we did have a problem last election with surprising numbers coming out to vote, and polling stations got overcrowded.

    The plus side of an electronic system must be (or should be) the speed of the count.

    When will we get the results. Is any Moose up for a coverlite or whatever live blog.

    Hey, Chris. In the UK they keep on asking “What happened to the Obamicans?” I should ask the same of Hubie, Rage and You.

  3. sricki

    I am a bit down. Guess I am expecting the worst today. Cast my vote this morning, and now I’m settled in to watch.

    Hope all moose are doing well — anyone going to be hanging around here tonight watching the results roll in?

  4. jsfox

    I like NH. Paper ballots have been working very well, thank you very much, for years we see no need to change.

  5. This was my first time voting in this precinct. I got in a bit of an argument a discussion with a poll worker about the ballot scanner. There was no way to review your vote after you fed it into the scanner. He saw no problem with that. I did and said so. I’m actually quite peeved about it. My old precinct, which is one block over from here, had newer scanners that showed how each vote was tabulated before you accepted it. All this scanner did was increase the total ballot count.

  6. HappyinVT

    or so while trying to prepare myself for the worst but hope for the best.  BTW, while I’m thinking about it, the president is giving a post-election news conference tonight (I think).  Need to double-check at TPM.

    That Angle and Tancredo and Paul have reasonable (if not definitive) chances of winning just makes me want to cry.

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