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August 25 ~ 30, 2010: These Days in Tubes…They Burnz

I have been putting more effort into these in recent weeks. There is just so much insanity to work with lately. Ah, the astonishing absurdity of it all, edged however, with echoes from a frightening past…er, um…

Aw damn. I should just get this over with now.

****A ***WARNING:* to all who read this diary: This is not one of my normal tubes. We have serious business to attend to, so do not enter if all you want is amusement!** Then again, perhaps the entire thing is such sheer lunacy, then all it can do is make you laugh and laugh and laugh;~P*** Oh and please note: this diary is very long.****

Either way, I hope you enjoy them.


The latest absurdity seems to be the rather fierce rise in Anti-Islamism in the United States of America since 9/11 and in the past couple of weeks. I use that word because it reminds best of Anti-Semitism. To me, there seems no difference between the two “isms”, except of course, for the actual religions involved.  

Ok. So I agree Keith Olbermann is a gigantic ego maniacal twit who thinks he is the second coming of Edward R Murrow , but he is also a MSM liberal voice I often agree with, if I can stand watching him. Bear with me here…

Too much? I am sure that is by design (much in the same way those faux people do), but I am a such a sucker for the dramatic, and will admit I clutched my chest during and after his…um… special thingy.

And yet, things do seem very dire in my country these days. I worry whenever I see a campaign of hate being fostered by the gop, but I am not sure I have seen one work quite so well and so swiftly. Perhaps too well. I wonder how many of them are getting worried about what they have created this past month (years, decades)?

Why do republicans get away with using hate as a campaign tool?

Wow. Wow. Just wow. I got nothing.

No! Now wait just one damn minute! I do have one bloody question, as this all seems pretty grim to me. Do you think these folks are fascists or Nazi’s or something else? Or…and/or, are they fomenting others to the task? I ask, because I really want to know what you think.

So fuck Godwin, ’cause the scene has changed for me. Am I crazy or does this woman have a point?

Good gawd, I truly hope I am just over reacting to recent events. It has been known to happen;~J Please, please let me know if you think I am…uh, taking this too seriously.

Perhaps we just need something funny to take our minds off of all of this annoying hate.

Yep, that was pretty funny, but it didn’t really make me feel any better;~J

Again with the ahem…

I am starting to wonder about my sexuality. Mr. Cenk Uygur is so hawt. I have noticed from the bulk of these tubes, (i now realize I am a bit obsessed with him in recent days), I would go out with him, just to talk to him. Hey, I didn’t say I would fuck him…I just like Cenk right now. If you also like him, let MSNBC know.

On a more serious note Mr. Uygur did point out one worthy conservative, if not an old school Republican statesman. You know, like the ones we used to have.

Very nice Mr. Bloomberg, very classy.

Is it bad that I find smart people so attractive? I won’t say that I would have sex with Rachel Maddow (ok. never mind. i would have sex with rachel maddow. bad example;), but I wouldn’t necessarily have intimate relations with Cenk. I just find him funny, articulate, smart, and spot on so many times.

Honestly, I probably like him so much right now, because his has been one of the loudest voices on the “Ground Zero Mosque” issue as of late. Oh and look at all the work he did for our latest “Tube Diary”!

It is quite possible I may find him repulsive next week (after he says something unbelievably stupid;). I must say, I have listened to him in the past, and cannot say he has overwhelmed me with hot dripping brain lust before now. Hmmm…Holz wanders off pondering this situation, whilst dropping a tube or two in hope of lightening the mood…

Heh. An Onion a day helps keep the Nationalsozialismus away:~D

Oh that reminds me, let’s not forget about  {{{{{{The Beckoning}}}}}}. More on that later (I hope). I do wonder though how the weekend went. I have ignored it up until now. Oh look, someone made this: (adjust your volume as needed, my apologies about the sound quality)

Holy shit. Dude, he could be the SOS under President Sarah Palin;~J

Wow. Wow. Just wow. I got nothing.

Ok, just because of that dreadful person, one more of teh funny…

Three Onions in one day, will surely a beautiful week make…


  1. spacemanspiff


    Can’t even imagine it.

    Maybe it’s the fact that I just ate and I don’t want to imagine it.

    Thank you for the tubes Holli! Awesome as usual.

    So fuck Godwin, ’cause the scene has changed for me.


  2. Hollede

    Good gawd, I truly hope I am just over reacting to recent events. It has been known to happen;~J Please, please let me know if you think I am…uh, taking this too seriously.

    I know, I make fun of everything, but I really do want to know what people think. Or does anyone care:~?

    I generally worry about the motivations of republicans and conservatives in general, but when the real fruit loops start getting a lot of press and a hundred thousand more wacko’s go to see one of the main nuts at the Lincoln Memorial and a dude get’s stabbed in New York because he was of the Islamic faith and half the American people either think President Obama is (or are not sure if he is) a Muslim, and the possibility of him being a Muslim would be a bad thing and…aw hell…never mind….I am worrying too much, I am sure8~/

  3. Hollede


    August 25 ~ 30, 2010: These Days in Tubes…They Burnz

    by: Hollede


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    August 25 ~ 30, 2010: These Days in Tubes…They Burnz

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