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All The Unemployed Are Lazy Slobs…Except Me.

I’ve been told I make pretty convincing arguments for stuff. I got most of my PUMA friends to vote for Obama, even if some of them went the teabagging route since.

I was captain of the debate team and wrote the speech that won my ex-girlfriend Student Council President in Senior year of High School.

So I take it upon myself to real hammer home the liberal/progressive messaging. I’ve found it tough as you’ve no doubt heard. Today, I tried taking on unemployment…it ended in a disaster. I thought invoking myself would work. My friends like me. They know I’m not a lazy slob. They know how hard it was for me to find a job after I lost mine at ABC. They know my experience. I would be the perfect reason why unemployment benefits should be extended.  

I spent the better part of last year on unemployment, from March through November. I sometimes came to near nervous breakdowns over my inability to find a job. I felt like a failure and even contemplated suicide. It was the most demeaning, embarassing experience of my life.

Today, I posted on my Facebook status “Has anyone who believes receiving unemployment makes a person not want to look for a job, actually been on unemployment themselves?” I thought I had the argument. If you haven’t been there, like I had, you couldn’t say what a person feels in that situation.

The response I got was 10 “Yes, I’ve been on unemployment and I think that” because, you know, they weren’t lazy, but everyone else still is (I my mind I think secretly these friends of mine were lazy slobs on unemployment, won’t admit it, but say others are like that) and a few “I know someone on unemployment who won’t find a job until they run out” to “Maybe you weren’t like that, but most are”

The fact is there are a lot of sick twisted selfish careless people in this country, and I mean a lot. They think the unemployed are lazy and should just go get a job. I got it too, my conservative “friends” were willing to insult me if it meant defending their point of view.

I’ve thrown in the towel on climate change, as it’s probably too late anyway.

They believe what they want to believe and nothing you, I, the President or the Democratic Party says will change that.

I’ve given up.  


  1. fogiv

    i’m an archaeologist.  i generally have a much deeper viewshed than lots of folks when it comes to humans and how they choose to live.  civilizations fail.  all of them do.  ours will too sooner or later — thats a given — and it will be because we do some stupid shit (or some combination of stupid shits).  FTR, my money is on cascading ecological disasters that cause wide-spread famine and pandemic disease, but that’s neither here nor there.  still, I’m not giving up.

    for me, it’s not about the goal or the ideal, it’s about getting there.  the struggle.  we’ll never fix everything.  something (or heaps of things) will always suck.  without poverty, corruption, injustice, bigotry, stupidity, and inequality good people like us would have absolutely nothing to do.

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