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Earthquakes, Tornadoes & the G20!

Around 1:30pm today a  5.0-magnitude earthquake started near the Ontario-Quebec border and reportedly shook parts of upstate New York and Ohio as well as Chicago, Cleveland and Indiana. The earthquake’s epicentre was about 55 kilometers north of Ottawa, where buildings were evacuated, and people poured onto the streets by the thousands.


The quake was felt in such a large area because, the U.S. Geological Survey explains that a quake in the Northeastern United States “can be felt over an area as much as 10 times larger than a similar magnitude earthquake on the West Coast.”

The quake can be seen this afternoon during a media breifing at the National Press Theatre in Ottawa with NDP Public Safety Critic Don Davies.

Incidentally it also looks like a Red Alert has been issued as a Tornado is on its way to Toronto and much of southwestern Ontario! These events interestingly coincide with the commencement of the G20, scheduled to start in Toronto this weekend.


  1. jsfox

    one earth quake in my life. Down in Quito, Ecuador. I know exactly how the guy giving the press briefing felt 🙂

    For me  I was in the hotel bar on my first drink, but after a very long and tiring day with  not a lot of food. I thought the booze was really getting to me. Then I noticed the glasses swaying and falling and that’s when I felt completely helpless and more than just a little scared.

  2. fogiv

    I’d suggest that these natural phenomena are God’s venegeful wrath upon Toronto, probably direct retribution for the band Anvil.

    I jest. Anvil! The Story of Anvil is a very touching and well done documentary on the seminal metal band.

  3. DTOzone

    about two hours ago, knocked out power for an hour or so. It was really scary. I saw the funnel coming at me. If I knew how to post pictures, I would post it. It’s not really that dramatic though  

  4. Seems there are always a few folks around willing to blow things up a bit…

    CNN has this:

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesman Sgt. Marc LaPorte said the 53-year-old driver had pellet guns, a crossbow, gas tanks and chemical products in his car, and couldn’t explain why those items were there.

  5. DeniseVelez

    and many of my neighbors felt the quake.  I was blissfully unaware till I got on the highway and heard about it on the news.

  6. HappyinVT

    They’re playing this three-game home set against the Phillies in Philly.  Odd to see the home team batting first.

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