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Pro Wall Street Propaganda- OPEN THREAD

I rolled out of bed this morning watching the morning show on New York City’s local Fox affilate.

In a segment about the financial reform bill, the anchor was interviewing a Fox Business Reporter who proceeded to slam the financial reform bill in one of the most disgusting pieces of journalism I’ve ever seen.  

The segment began with a soundbite New York Congressman Republican Peter King who criticized the bill as “more taxes on New Yorkers” and said it would take jobs from New Yorkers.

The reporter agreed, saying the bill will take jobs from New York, is bad for New York, and would send jobs to Chicago, because that’s where the Board of Trade, and then DISGUSTINGLY IMPLIED that the bill was a secret plan to send jobs to the President’s hometown at the expense of New York. He called the regulation “too tough that it would cost jobs”

Then, after he went on about that for two minutes, he then said the bill would legalize “too big to fail” with “a fund paid for by taxpayers that would bail out banks that are too big fail,” which is of course a lie. Another words, the regulations weren’t “tough enough”

After contridicting his lie with another lie, he plugged his new book, which is narcassisticaly asked the anchor to leave up on the screen for “a long time” and the segment ended.

For the rest of the hour, there was no counterpoint offered to his argument.

I can’t help but wonder who many low info voters fell for that crap this morning.

Open Thread…I’m off to work to do REAL journalism.  


  1. louisprandtl

    Wall Street is a good custodian of the commoner’s pension/retirement funds. Wall Street is a great thoroughfare with magnificant buildings, real power players and gorgeous women…it’s a happening place..

    Trust Wall Street, for the road to Main Street goes through Wall Street…

    How do you like the promo?

  2. HappyinVT

    You know that whatever comes out of Peter King’s mouth is about as far from the truth as can be.  You know there won’t be any pushback.

    FWIW, Mark Ambinder has a good piece about how the constructive criticism of the president is coming from the Left, not the Right.

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