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USA and Russia Reach Nuclear Weapons Agreement

President Obama announced today that the US and Russia have reached agreement on reducing the world’s two largest nuclear arms stockpiles.  This extends the START (Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty) which had expired in December of 2009 and provides an on-going framework for the two countries to manage their arsenals.  The treaty will be signed April 8 in Prague.

The President will be consulting senators from both parties on the START treaty, we’ll see if John McCain can bring himself to side with the US on this even if he has to agree with his President at the same time.

According to the president and news sources, the new START treaty:

o  cuts by 1/3 nuclear weapons over ten years

o  reduces missiles and launchers

o  increases verification of weapon levels

o  increases flexibility of US nuclear arsenal

The President said that he will be convening a meeting in DC with world leaders after the signing on the topic of securing loose nukes and dealing with nuclear proliferation.

FOX News cut away as soon as the president handed the podium to SoS Clinton, so they could make a brief comment on a ship sinking off the Korean coast then go to commercial.  Both CNN and MSNBC stayed with the SoS and picked up the story after a commercial break, FOX moved on to a story about honey bees after the break (WTF is with these folks?).


  1. HappyinVT

    either before or after his conversation with the Russian president.  I think the Dems will be united on this and, while the good Lord only knows what Republicans will do, having Lugar on his side only helps the president.  McCain needs to be careful because he’s on the record as supporting nuclear reductions…not that holding two opposing views has ever bothered him before.

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