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  1. Kysen

    …..I CAN’T IGNORE IT!!!!






    Whatcha testin?

  2. …had a profound effect on me. I’m still a bit shattered, as you are when your world is rocked. But here are a few humble thoughts in the face of such intellectual immensity.

    1. 96 per cent of the universe is missing. I’m not kidding. 96 per cent. If you count the red shift and background radiation of the universe, it’s clear we only understand 4 per cent of the mass and energy of the universe.

    Makes you think. As this diary does.

    2. Entanglement. Two electrons, once entangled, though separated by a million lights years, will always change their spin in tandem. What force makes this happen? It travels faster than the speed of light, and nothing travels faster than the speed of light.

    Makes you think. Like this diary does.

    3. If you fell into a black hole, you would be torn apart by gravity. However, the information about that tearing apart would never escape the gravitational pull of the black hole, and no one would ever know. However, no information can ever be lost to the universe. Where does it go.

    And here we have an answer. Into that stunning video we see above.

    I’ve been meaning to say this for years, Chris, but now finally I can confess: you are my guru and my master. Through your expert mystical tutelage, I have learned the benefits of the free market, powder skiing, and to love furry animals with big ears.

    This is the last initiation into that magic circle of insight and knowledge.

    P.S. I’m sorry I called you a Canadian once. That was an insult too far.

  3. HappyinVT

    I’m not sure how FNC, Rush (who should be packing for Costa Rica about now), Glenn, and Co. will handle this but I’d like to see some heads explode.

    h/t Andrew Sullivan

  4. fogiv

    check out my friend gwamba wailin’ on a mandolin with his (now sadly defunct) Freight Train Riders of America band.

    here he is just being his silly ol’ self (and picking the hell out of a beautiful gretsch):

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