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  1. Jjc2008

    It’s a good thing.

    I wanted more but I am content at this start.

    I am proud of President Obama, proud of Speaker Pelosi (did I tell you I once spoke with her on the phone?).  I am proud of the many congress persons, bloggers, citizens who hung in there and worked to do this.

    I am happy for my friend who has an autistic child.

    I am happy for people who have chronic conditions and no longer have to added fearful anxiety on top of dealing with health issues.

    I am sad for people still filled with rage and jealousy and hate and who cannot find compassion in their souls.

  2. Carl Cameron on FOX now trying to spin the whole thing as a “slight temporary bump” in momentum for the Dems.  Pushing the idea that the GOP will now be tying the economic problems to the Democrats.

    Problem is, the economy is picking up nicely and imho will continue to do so all year.  That “hope the economy fails” approach is not going to work well for the GOP.

  3. HappyinVT

    How wonderful and sad that he got to be there for his mother.

    (Also a poke in the eye to those who claimed the Dems used him to further the health care reform efforts.)

  4. fogiv

    unleashes a scathing tirade at tpm. Open Letter to Conservatives:

    Dear Conservative Americans,

    The years have not been kind to you. I grew up in a profoundly Republican home, so I can remember when you wore a very different face than the one we see now.  You’ve lost me and you’ve lost most of America.

    Check it out: http://tpmcafe.talkingpointsme

    golf clap

  5. Shaun Appleby

    So much for the ‘tyranny of the minority:’

    PRINCETON, NJ — Nearly half of Americans give a thumbs-up to Congress’ passage of a healthcare reform bill last weekend, with 49% calling it “a good thing.” Republicans and Democrats have polar opposite reactions, with independents evenly split.

    The findings, from a March 22 USA Today/Gallup poll conducted one day after the bill received a majority of votes in the U.S. House of Representatives, represent immediate reactions to the vote.

    Americans’ emotional responses to the bill’s passage are more positive than negative — with 50% enthusiastic or pleased versus 42% angry or disappointed — and are similar to their general reactions.

    Although much of the public debate over healthcare reform has been heated, barely a third of rank-and-file citizens express either enthusiasm (15%) or anger (19%) about the bill’s passage. However, only Democrats show greater enthusiasm than anger. Independents are twice as likely to be angry as enthusiastic, and Republicans 10 times as likely.

    Lydia Saad – By Slim Margin, Americans Support Healthcare Bill’s Passage Gallup 23 Mar 10

    We’re going to have to do something about that “independents are twice as likely to be angry as enthusiastic” thing though.  Republicans can go sulk in the corner.  Serves them right.

  6. HappyinVT

    Discovery Communications is expected to announce that it has won the Sarah Palin tourney. The cabler had been a front-runner to land the untitled Alaska-themed series, to be produced by Mark Burnett Prods., along with A&E.

    Earlier today, word emerged, however, that A&E was likely no longer in the running, leaving Discovery as the presumptive winner.

    I shouldn’t be surprised that A&E had a go at it; how far they have fallen.

  7. Shaun Appleby

    Jack Welch, one of the more respected business voices in America, just gave the Republicans a cold bath:

    On CNBC Tuesday, former General Electric CEO Jack Welch warned Republicans expecting big gains in the midterm elections this fall that they’ll “get a large shock.”

    Michael Sweeney – Jack Welch: Republicans In For ‘Awful Shock’ In November TPM 23 Mar 10

    Subtext?  Don’t expect smart corporate dollars to follow you down the rabbit hole.

  8. DTOzone

    Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Loony Bin) wants to repeal the 17th amendment and go back to state legislators picking Senators because the Democratic supermajority passed this healthcare bill and that wouldn’t happen if state legislators picked Senators.

    Unfortunately for Congressman Dumbass, Democrats control 63 state legislative bodies, meaning there would be 63 Democratic Senators  

  9. Shaun Appleby

    Obama’s genius is not attacking his opposition head-first. It is patiently assisting its self-destruction. First Clinton; then McCain; then Palin; now the GOP as a whole.

    Andrew Sullivan

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