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Meet Programmer Bob: one heck of a Pootie innovator

With the recent influx of pootie diaries, I thought I should introduce Programmer Bob who was on the news today.

A forensic image of Bob’s workstation revealed his true work habits and typical day:

9:00 a.m. — Get to work, surf Reddit, watch cat videos

11:30 a.m. — Lunch

1:00 p.m. — Ebay

2:00 p.m or so — Facebook and LinkedIn

4:30 p.m. — Send end-of-day e-mail update to management

5:00 p.m. — Go home

The Verizon investigation suggested Bob’s entrepreneurial outsourcing spirit stretched across several companies in his area — netting him several hundred thousand dollars a year as he paid out about $50,000 a year to his China-based ghost writers, according to hundreds of PDF invoices also discovered on his work computer.…

On Being Outraged!

If one can read the tea leaves dished out by the media, one is supposed to conclude that everybody in this country is outraged. Unfortunately the military industrial complex now extends to media-politicians-pollsters-campaign personnel-lobbyists complex. Our election cycle is hijacked by 24 hour cable news channels, media talking heads, radio and TV info-tainment merchants, political pundits and pollsters, campaign managers and personnel et al. Today our election industry actually generates billions of dollars and tons of jobs for full time political cadres.

Here comes the business of being outraged!

“How we ended the Great Recession?” (Open Thread)

The article written by Princeton Economics Professor Blinder and Moody Analytics Economist Dr. Mark Zandi lays out the case how effective the stimulus (ARRA) and TARP programs had been in ending the recession and putting this country back on the path of economic recovery. The alternative scenarios proposed by the authors using their models are scary indeed..

Fiscal Responsibility and “Star School” Closing!

At Biloxi, Mississippi, one of the nine public schools to achieve the “Star School” rating based on student achievement is being closed to save $400,000 in a school district budget of $50 Million.

Fiscal Responsibility or Racism?

About 90% of the students at Nichols Elementary are African Americans or Asian Americans…

Mr. Northrop Grumman goes to Washington

Northrop Grumman, the second largest defence contractor in US, fourth largest in the World and a global aerospace company had decided to move its headquarters from Los Angeles to Washington DC metro area.

In a blow to Southern California, Northrop Grumman Corp. said it would relocate its headquarters from Los Angeles — leaving the region that gave birth to the aerospace industry without a single major military contractor based here.

Lack of Health Insurance causes 44,789 deaths in United States every year

Paul Rosenberg at OpenLeft brings to our attention a recent study conducted by Harvard related researchers. The study concludes that 44789 deaths occur in United States because of lack of health insurance!…

The actual article linked below states the following in its conclusion. It is powerful indictment of the state of healthcare in United States. What a shame!!!

The United States stands alone among industrialized nations in not providing health coverage to all of its citizens. Currently, 46 million Americans lack health coverage. Despite repeated attempts to expand health insurance, uninsurance remains commonplace among US adults

Lack of health insurance is associated with as many as 44789 deaths per year in the United States, more than those caused by kidney disease (n=42868). The increased risk of death attributable to uninsurance suggests that alternative measures of access to medical care for the uninsured, such as community health centers, do not provide the protection of private health insurance. Despite widespread acknowledgment tha enacting universal coverage would be life saving, doing so remains politically thorny. Now that health reform is again on the political agenda, health professionals have the opportunity to advocate universal coverage.

Read the full article at…

Please Contribute For The Real Public Option As Part Of The Healthcare Plan!

nyceve and slinkerwink are two prolific bloggers at Dailykos and Firedoglake who had been performing remarkable service to the progressive community for the past few months. Their incisive critique and voluminous work on the healthcare debate and support of the real public option plan have proven to be incredibly useful for the progressive online community. Firedoglake decided that we need them to report on the healthcare debate fulltime and thereby need our financial support.

Please consider donating to financially support the online and outside activities of nyceve and slinkerwink on behalf of us to continue fighting for meaningful Real Public Healthcare Option!

Support for Bloggers for Meaningful Public Healthcare Plan

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