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It’s All True: Open Thread

America.  I have to tell you.  Your worst fears have been realized.  

It’s true.  All of it.

Every radical statement made about you is true.  You are so much – so much! – worse than you believe.  Your Progressivism is the little tickle that you think is a cold – but it’s lung cancer.  Your Conservatism is the little itch that you think might be poison oak – but it’s flesh-eating bacteria.  Nothing is what you think it is, and everything is as bad as possible.

Jon Stewart, at the feet of The Master, explains.

Consider this a terrifyingly true Open Thread.


  1. These Jon Stewart masterpieces are always ‘Not Available’ in the UK.

    Wonderful stuff. Glenn Beck – a rich seam of gold for any satirist – is ductile, malleable and turned into a shiny bright thing by a master craftsman

  2. fogiv

    msnbc is reporting that POTUS will be meeting with the entire democratic house caucus tomorrow afternoon.  he’s pushing hard.

  3. Shaun Appleby

    Pivots off Sarah’s fly-by appearance in his district recently:

    “Last week, Sarah Palin came to Orlando to help defeat me. Palin gave a speech in which she said that the Republicans needed (to) ‘take me out.’ Like she was shooting a moose from a helicopter,” Grayson writes in announcing the March 27 fundraising event.

    Alex Leary Sarah Palin helping Grayson raise money… St Petersburg Times 18 Mar 10

    Sounds like an honorary moose to me.  We should invite him to post here.

  4. Shaun Appleby

    And with the 2012 Republican nomination the only likely big event on the schedule:

    Romney commands 28 percent of the 614 self-identified Republican primary voters polled by PPP.

    Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee places second with 24 percent, followed by former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin at 23 percent and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) at 11 percent. All four leading candidates ran for the party’s nomination in 2008.

    Nine percent of those polled said they were undecided, and six percent preferred someone else.

    PPP did not poll for other potential 2012 GOP contenders including Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and several others.

    Andy Barr – Poll: Romney leads 2012 field Politico 19 Mar 10

    Gee, I wonder why they weren’t polling Pawlenty?  With numbers like that it’s hard to imagine either Huckabee or Palin not having a run.

  5. It’s spring again – almost. I remember a season like this, almost two years ago. Life began stirring as the snows begun to melt. Yes, I mean the Primaries, and this Fantastic diary at Kos began to bring it all back.

    Blackwater dog has stunning photo essay, and pictures from tonight’s rally. He also has more details of what the bill, if passed, would mean for ordinary Americans. And he quotes Marc Ambinder’s stirring piece today

    ..Why has Barack Obama risked his presidency for this crusade? Why has he spent more time on this domestic issue than any other president has spent on any other issue in recent memory? Why has he done so despite the manifest public unpopular of the case? …

    …Obama is uniquely courageous:  his stubborness in the face of public opinion, in the face of advisers who begged him to move on, in the face of a revolt from his base,  is based upon his own conviction that what he’s doing is the right thing to do, primarily, and upon electoral politics secondarily.

    Ronald Brownstein makes it clear that he believes Obama exemplifies the virtue:

    Win or lose, Obama has pursued health care reform as tenaciously as any president has pursued any domestic initiative in decades. Health care has now been his presidency’s central domestic focus for a full year. That’s about as long as it took to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, originally introduced by John F. Kennedy and driven home by Lyndon Johnson. Rarely since World War II has a president devoted so much time, at so much political cost, to shouldering a single priority through Congress. It’s reasonable to debate whether Obama should have invested so heavily in health care. But it’s difficult to quibble with Emanuel’s assessment that once the president placed that bet, “He has shown fortitude, stamina, and strength.”

    It is.  All the more so if you oppose the legislation, if you think it will break the parts of the health care system that work, if you think it will bankrupt the country down the road. You ought to be mighty frustrated by Obama’s courage, blind as you believe it might be.  But don’t ever, ever call the guy a wimp.

  6. HappyinVT

    or NCAA Tournament overload.  Or both.

    On my handy-dandy “work” computer I can watch any of the games and keep track of all the scores in almost realtime.  Whew!  Thank goodness I work evenings ’cause I ain’t getting much done.

  7. This really is why I love free speech so much.  Not because it allows MLK to speak (I love it for that, too), but because it allows Glenn to speak.  Sometimes the value of having someone be just incredibly wrong in public is hard to overstate.

    FYI – to embed Comedy Central videos, delete everything that is not part of the “<embed …..><embed>” statement, and remove the “allownetworking=’all'” part of the embed statement itself.  This should work for many other hard to embed videos as well.

  8. but in this video of polite interviews with tea-baggers, it’s clear Beck’s rhetoric works. At an ideological level. It’s simple. Government bad. Obama bad. Healthcare must be socialist.

    It’s at the factual level everything is stymied.

    And if this bill passes, expect bewilderment, anger, and collapse among the tea-baggers.

    My only fear when that happens – where will this anger go?

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