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Austin Plane Crash- OPEN THREAD

Boy, my right wing acquantiances are certainly unhinged today, finding every possible way to blame Obama for today’s plane crash in Austin.


Somebody needs a lithium.

His facebook thread turned into an ugly orgy of anti-Obama right wing venom. “Maybe Obama needs to go back to Hawaii and hide for another week” followed by a bunch of LOLs. Another fun joke about how the plane hit an IRS building “Here’s your populism, Obama! LOL” and someone else joking about how the stimulus “stimuled a kamikaze pilot”

This all leads me to an issue I touched a few weeks ago and have been feeling more and more lately…it’s that, I have honestly zero respect anymore for any right-leaning voter in the country. A year ago, I would have said we needed to work with Republicans, we needed to reach across party lines. Now, my opinion, is, to be brutually honest, the only reason to reach across party lines is with a clenched fist aimed for a nose. Republicans don’t need to be negotiated with, they need to be marginalized and/or destroyed.

I can’t wait until they start associating this dude who crashed his plane into this building with the left wing. If you read this note;, you can see it coming.

Open Thread, what’s on your mind.  


  1. Taxed Enough Already folks are already lining up to show how this fella was a Dyed in the Wool SOSCIALUST!

    You don’t want to head into Freeper-land right now.  The bullshit that is accumulating is appalling.  

  2. CNN has this developing profile of the man.

    His ongoing financial failure spans three Presidential administrations and whatever his ideological thoughts it seems clear that “The Government” by any definition.

    His words and inclinations sound not unlike many Tea Party rants we are all familiar with, however:

    “I saw it written once that the definition of insanity is repeating the same process over and over and expecting the outcome to suddenly be different,” the online message says. “I am finally ready to stop this insanity. Well, Mr. Big Brother IRS man, let’s try something different; take my pound of flesh and sleep well.”

    Where have we heard that, recently?

    “Nothing changes unless there is a body count,” the letter says. “I choose to not keep looking over my shoulder at ‘Big Brother’ while he strips my carcass, I choose not to ignore what is going on all around me, I choose not to pretend that business as usual won’t continue; I have just had enough.”

    He apparently set his house on fire, too, with his family inside.

    My condolences to his wife and daughter.

  3. I caught the new Senator Brown from Mass saying about this guy: [sic] “people are upset with government.  Just like we saw with my election…”

    OK, I didn’t want to say it explicitly, but if the TeaOP wants to own this guy and tie his act of terrorism to the Sarah Palin Real American movement, then I won’t deny them the right.

  4. DTOzone

    but s/he’s my new hero. s/he absolutely destroyed that right wing troll BuckeyeBlogger.


    I am thinking some of you are just not being realistic. The health bil in general is on life support… this point, the idea that a public option is suddenly going to be reintroduced is delusional. Its not going to happen. As it is, the bill that currently is being pushed and even the one Obama is supposedly putting together includes mandates with penalties. What do you think the public reaction to that will be. Mark my words if a bill with mandates is pushed through, and a bill in it current form that is…..democrats who are already in trouble this November are done. Voters want a focus on the economy, jobs and out of control spending. Thats where the focus needs to be….frankly pretty much every one of these crooks in the senate and congress neesd to be booted from office…

    by BuckeyeBlogger about 5 hours ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    RE: huh?

    People would still go for mandates if they had something like a public option. I would not mind being mandated to buy into a government run wholly non-profit insurance plan but I’ll be pissed if I am forced to buy from private insurers. That is corporate welfare.

    by tarheel74 about 4 hours ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    RE: huh?

       Voters want a focus on the economy, jobs and out of control spending. Thats where the focus needs to be

    Since healthcare costs are a HUGE factor in the economy, job market, and out of control spending, that’s precisely what we’ve been doing.

    by ND22 about 3 hours ago | reply rec | 0 recs


    Most voters dont understand that. Most voters are more concerned about the here and now. Any healthcare plan passed wont kick in for several years. The bills beign considered are crap in that they have mandates, penalties and do nothing to improve the overall quality of healthcare. If Obama and congress hasnt figured out that voters are totally pissed off and more interested in economic measures they can see and ho wit affects jobs, than they deserve to be booted. And as I said, the best we could ask for is for 90 percent of these sleaze bags to be booted from office….

    by BuckeyeBlogger about 3 hours ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    Jobs bill vote is Monday

    the Senate can do two things at once. Besides, in a few years down the line, when the people see how this bill changed their lives for the better, they’ll put the Democrats back in office.

    The Labour Party got booted in part for establishing the NHS, they’ve never regretted it and neither did the British people.

    I reject your assertion that these bills don’t nothing to improve the overall quality of healthcare, they expand healthcare reform to nearly everyone, thereby eliminating the insane cost the uninsured have on the government (not that you particularly care about those people), they ban recession, which would kick in immediately, but then again, you’re someone who thinks healthcare can be solved by eating a pear.

    You don’t have to tell me about the short-sightedness of the average American voters. One of my biggest criticisms of people in this country is their apparent inability to think beyond tomorrow.

    by ND22 about 2 hours ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    RE: Passing Public Option Via Reconciliation Gathers Steam

    There you go again……just ignorant or clueless, not sure which. As for the pear comment, you know what thats not what I said, you just choose to ignore the basic concept that if people would do a better job of takign care of themselves, including eating right, than we would see a huge reduction in obesity related diseases….of courswe as a liberal you think people cant help themselves…only the government can do that. Maybe after the party loses in a landslide you will figure it out…..liek most liberals your completely clueless….

    by BuckeyeBlogger 41 minutes ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    You’re right

    I don’t think people can help themselves and do think they need the government to help them…and we’ve been proven right in history over and over and over and over again. Proven over and over again that Americans are gullible to lies and scams, vote and support policies that only hurt them, and find themselves repeatidly fucked in the ass by corporations and the wealthy and then are curious as to why? They are forced to fall back on the government to help them out of the crises they create and then are angry when the government wants to try to prevent said crises from happening again. When people come along and try to help them, they reject them because they’re too radical, and the cycle repeats itself.

    At this point, I couldn’t care less if the party loses in a landslide, I’ll still believe what I believe and in a few years down the line, I’ll be vindicated…again.

    I always am Buckeye. ALWAYS! Remember that in ten years when our fine country is reduced to dwindling embers.

    But hey, I’m clueless, just like I was clueless about it being a mistake to invade Iraq. Just like I was clueless about the danger of privatizing social security. Just like I was clueless about the Bush tax cuts doing nothing but helping people who don’t need help and breaking a deficit wide open with nothing to show for it.

    by ND22 21 minutes ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    I’m a liberal and I’m an American

    and I feel my country is in dire straits and I think I have good ideas on how to fix it and I’m tired of people like you, who have no principals and no true beliefs and shift your views more often than the sands in a fucking hurricane, demonizing people like me because we believe government has a place in our society and can do a better job providing things like healthcare to its people. I have history and facts on my side, there’s a reason why our healthcare system ranks lower than others with government involvement.


    by ND22 13 minutes ago | reply rec | 0 recs

    Almost reduced me to tears.  

  5. HappyinVT

    I feel sorry for those poor sods stuck with NBC’s coverge; Canadian television has been soooo much better.  Although, to be fair, the poor Americans who helped NBC beat out American Idol have no idea how crappy the coverage really is.

  6. They aren’t even really trying in any convincing way.  At best it comes across (often literally) as the “I don’t condone it, but I understand” safety-support position.

    WaPo had an article yesterday on the quick-to-disown battle.  Another group the Tea Party wants to disassociate with – but who unanimously support everything the Tea Party stands for – holds Joe Stack to be a hero:

    An anonymous poster took to the Houston Craiglist Rants & Raves pages with white supremacist and Nazi images along with the message: “JOE STACK DID WHAT MANY OF US DREAM ABOUT BUT NEVER ACT ON! . . . I only wish he had gotten every last one of those low life scum!”

    Similar messages appeared on Craigslist in other cities.

    Based on postings on white supremacy sites, the Southern Poverty Law Center concluded Friday, “In the hours since a man enraged at the government slammed his small plane into an Austin, Tex., IRS building, white supremacists and their fellow travelers have elevated Joseph Andrew Stack into an icon of resistance to tyranny.”

    As I warned the members of my 9/12 Sarasota group, when neo-nazi white supremacists approve of everything you do you might want to consider the implications deeply.

    The extremes of the Left and Right are, as I have always believed, a hair’s-breadth apart.  The Tea Party has gone to great pains to claim to be a non-partisan group interested in fighting the tyranny of the American government.  So if your goals align with al Qaeda, Stormfront and Joe Stack you just need to own up to it and stop whining.

    Live with it.

  7. HappyinVT

    I watched Tiger Woods’s statement on Friday.  I will admit that I was curious about what the notoriously private guy would say.

    Of course, ESPN showed the whole statement live and then spent the next few hours parsing it word for word, facial expression by facial expression, and even suggested that conspiracy theorists would question why the camera directly in front of Tiger went out midway through the statement.  Keith Olbermann spent the last segment of his show talking about the statement.  The Dalai Lama weighed in, for Pete’s sake; I didn’t read the story so I don’t know his opinion.  I’m guessing that, should the president take questions from the media in the next week, someone will ask him his opinion.

    But, when did an athlete’s sex life require a statement?  When is an athlete required to apologize to his/her fans?  Why should he be required to answer questions about who he slept with? What positions they did it in?  It’s no one’s business but those involved.

    I realize Tiger’s like the best-known (sports) figure in the world; he’s the highest paid athlete.  But, he’s an athlete.  Eliot Spitzer and David Vitter and Larry Craig had to spend less time in front of a camera explaining themselves than Tiger is expected to do.  I find the whole thing beyond ridiculous.  Now, apparently, a couple of the woman not named Elin that Tiger slept with are upset he didn’t apologize the them.  For fuck’s sake, get over yourselves.  From the bits I’ve seen they had a good time; any embarrassment they’ve suffered if their own fault.

    I think it has less to do with Tiger’s indiscretions and more to do with the media taking down a guy hell-bent on controlling his life.  He’s been exposed in ways he never thought he would be and, while I think he’s a dog for cheating on his wife, I still can’t wait for him to get back on tour.

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