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Hang On, Mr. Putin, Let Me Check My Palm…

I want to draw you a picture.  The President of the United States is sitting across the table from the leader of the second most powerful country in the world.  An agreement of historic proportions is about to be made – or unmade.  The tension in the room is palpable, billions around the world hang on every nuance.  The future of the species hangs in the balance.

Then the President glances down.  He frowns, trying to focus on…

…the scribbled and sweat-smeared notes scrawled on the palm of his hand.

The world cringes as nuclear missiles fly.

When I first saw this last night, I assumed there was a good chance of this being a spoof.  Someone with enough time and a copy of Photoshop.  It was only this afternoon when I realized it was all over the net, and that AP and all sorts of trusted outlets were carrying the story.

Pardon my colloquialeze – but Oh My Freaking God.

New York Magazine’s Adam Raymond sums it up:

But then at the Q&A session after her speech, the weird arrived. Palin glanced down at her hand during an answer and it became clear that she had notes written on it (the words “energy”, “budget cuts”, “tax” and “lift American spirits”). Oh brother.

OK, Ms. United States Presidential Hopeful, you want us to trust you when you cannot get through a sixty-minute podium talk in front of a hyper-friendly audience without writing the four most basic topics on your hand?  Are you completely insane?

Can we finally put this sad era in American politics behind us?  Is there anyone out there willing to defend the idea that this lightweight neophyte hairdo is qualified to occupy the Oval Office?

Someone find Sarah and tell her the bad news.  But use small words.


  1. Kysen

    Blasky didn’t read the Open Thread…this most recent display from Alaska’s Embarrassment was flamed there (it was actually broken by our British friend in an earlier comment thread).

    The woman truly is too much for words….and not in a good way. That anyone….ANYONE….thinks her suitable for any position of leadership (I mean ANY…like…would not want a child of mine in her Girl Scout Troop), is frightening. To believe her a deserving and worthy candidate for the Presidency immediately removes every ounce of credibility from the believer. It horrifies me to imagine her as our VP…makes me, literally, ill to my stomach thinking about where we would be right now had McCain won the Presidency. And disgusts me to no end that people still slurp up the hot runny shit she spews.

    I’m not surprised that she wrote on her hand….I’m just surprised that the words weren’t:




    Or, even less surprisingly:




    She is a ridiculous woman.

    And, no, that does not make me sexist because A) she is ridiculous, and B) she is a woman. (if stating those facts DOES make me a sexist…then I wear that badge with no shame)

  2. Elch

    She believes the Russian Federation is the second most powerful country in the world?

    Good that she’s more than two fingers on top of her palm.


    The rightwing is positively orgasmic when they think one of their idiots or lunatics is driving the left crazy.  They will go on and on as in, “the liberals are scared of her,” referring to Palin.

    They misconstrue our derision as fear and get more entrenched in their belief that this “fear” makes Palin, for example, a formidable candidate. The more we mock her, the more they support her.  No bad showing in the polls will derail their determination to get her nominated.

    We should continue to mock her.  In fact, if anyone ventures into freeper territory, they should whisper that the left knows she’s really unbeatable but is trying to put a brave face on it.  😉

  4. spacemanspiff

    Teabaggers keep asking why we “fear” Palin (as in we mock her cuz we’re afraid). I’ll tell you: She’s an empty vessel waiting to be filled by any ideologue with the biggest pay check written out to HER. Evidence was written on her hand! I bet she asked those heading the convention, what are your “core beliefs”? And as they told her she wrote them down on her hand. Now those “core beliefs” have been washed off, leaving her empty again for the next big pay check and THEIR “core beliefs”.

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  5. linfar

    I just don’t get it. I have never seen so many people so steamed up over someone they consistebtly describe as stupid. And the left delights in demeaning her, to the point it gets very ugly at times.  There is a phenomenon here. But I don’t know what it is. I do know its important. Because it is this very antipathy, and the inability to ignore her, that will work to her favor over and over and over.  

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