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Open Thread: Super Bowl vs. Palin’s Tea Party Speech

For the Sunday Sofa Surfers amongst us, tonight presents a choice of Bruisers or Blusterers.

Sacking vs. Speechifying.

Saints vs. Sarah.

Tackles vs. Terrorists.

Brees vs. Barbie.

Careering vs. Comedy.

Manning vs. Moose Meat.

Force vs. Falsehoods.

Colts vs. Crazy.

Beers vs. Bullsh*t…..




Take it away, sricki!

From sricki, who simply couldn’t resist:

I just couldn’t let this pass. Sarah Palin is the dimmest politician I have ever seen. She makes Dubya look like a genius — for serious. Even he didn’t need to cheat off his hand.

All Bush needed was some wiring. From a 2004 debate:

At least Bush used modern technology (bulky and relatively primitive though it appears to be). Palin, on the other hand, went old school. Guess she really is the old fashioned, folksy conservative she claims to be! Now we see how Palin skirted through high school and college — hand notes! None of that newfangled technology for her. The AP brings us this photo from last night (or if you’re Kysen, from tonight around 7 PM — that’s some fancy reporting, isn’t it, Kysen?):

Can you read that, kids? What were these super-secret, uber-complicated notes she had to have written on her hand to keep herself from fumbling? Is it a quadratic equation? A list of all the countries in the UN? Ronald Reagan’s legislative accomplishments? The story of man’s creation? Theory of relativity? A complicated chemical equation, carefully balanced? An explanation of light and dark reactions in photosynthesis and a diagram of the Calvin cycle? Want a closer look? Zooooooooom in!

That’s right, everyone! GOP-style rocket science here:


Cut Tax

Lift American spirits

Oh, and also something she crossed out that I can’t read. Yeaaahhhhhh… she changed her mind about a topic, and to make sure she didn’t discuss it anyway, she marked it through. The next time someone jokes about Barack Obama’s teleprompter, we now have the perfect comeback: old timey, handmade palm pilot! And this isn’t the first time she’s used this trick. With a bit of digging and some tedious research, I’ve obtained a picture of a similar prompt from Palin’s college days:

For those of you who watched the speech last night (tonight, Kysen?), you may be feeling a bit down in the dumps. Thinking about hurting yourself, even? There’s only one solution, boys and girls. Only one way to get the words (and voice) of that blathering bimbo out of your heads.

You guessed it:

People can say what they want about the Dems, but at least I’ve yet to see juvenile hand cheating out of anyone on the left. Rock on, kids!

Annnnnnnd back to Kysen! (Does this make us co-hosts?)

* * * * * * * * * *

Thank you, sricki, for your crack reporting!

Since Palin has already wowed (Sham-wowed, even…emPHAsis on SHAM) the Teabaggers, I guess it is football and junk food for me!

Over on CBS, Super Bowl XLIV (that’s Super Bowl 44 for the non-Romans) is scheduled to kick off at 6:00pm(EST).

Photobucket VS.Photobucket

I’m still rootin’ for the Saints….been rootin’ for ’em for a week now.  😉

What are your thoughts?

Who are you rooting for?

Do you give a damn?

Tastes Great or Less Filling?

(Déjà vu, anyone?)

This is an Open Thread: Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law…


  1. creamer

    Didn’t watch the tea party speech, caught a local hockey game. Even without the game I can’t imagine anything making me watch Sarah speak except possibly waterboarding.

    I’m really not rooting for anyone but I will offer a prediction Colts 37 Saints 24.

    Too much Manning.

  2. HappyinVT

    So, what dumbass can’t even get her crib notes right?  It’s not like those aren’t standard-issue talking points, anyway.

    I hope she comes my way some day (yeah right, socialist Vermont).  My sign will say either “Show us your hands, Sarah” or “Need some extra hands, Sarah?”

  3. Kysen

    A barrel of laughs…almost as fun as these two:

    Thank you, sricki, for braving the Palin mess. While I found her Palm Pilot (telepalmter?) thigh-slapping, I think the rest of it would have had ME in yoga classes for the next month. As it is, I’ve had to turn to Krishna Das to help bring me back to a peaceful and happy place:

  4. rfahey22

    I don’t like hurting myself.  As for the Superbowl, my guess is that the Colts win, but I’m rooting for the Saints.  I had wanted to see Favre win another Superbowl, after the Packers were eliminated (I’m a Packers fan, and a sort-of Favre Puma), but the Saints were a close second.  

  5. Kysen

    I am having to wait for my brother and his wife (well, really, just my brother…she’s yappin’ with my wife) to catch up with my viewing. They just rolled into town and have started the game from the beginning. When I last saw it was Colts over Saints by one point. Great game thus far….hell of a start to the 3rd! But, am now goofin’ on internet until they catch up (at least they are skippin’ commercials and half time show). Ooph.


    *****NO SPOILERS!!!*****

    —–actually, I will prolly avoid this thread till I have either seen the game or caught up to real time.


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