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Democrats Re-Elect John McCain

This week we saw right-wing radio talkshow host JD Hayworth announce his resignation as a broadcast personality so that he could run against John McCain for his Senate seat in Arizona. Last night, after the State of the Union address, John McCain sent out an email offering his counter to the President’s speech, and included as usual is a call for donations.  The letter strikes a strong yet sharply oppositional tone, disagreeing with the President but showing due respect to the office of Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy.

In other words, John McCain has proven that he is a weak socialist homo intent on Eating the Young of the Real Americans who are today being valiantly defended by the Tea Bag Party.

For this reason, I recommend that Democrats across the country donate to the John McCain re-election campaign.  The alternative may well be to become accustomed with the term “Senator Hayworth”.

My Friend,

Tonight, during his State of the Union speech, President Obama laid out his vision for our nation’s future. As you know, the President and I have differing views on the direction we should take the country, and I stand by my conservative values of reduced spending, low taxes, and a strong national defense.

I took a few moments to record a special message for you on the issues facing America and I hope you’ll take a moment to watch the video by following this link.

During his first year in office, President Obama and Congressional Democrats have amassed a $12.4 trillion deficit that is growing each day. While the President advocates increased federal spending, I have actively advocated tax cuts, reduced spending and earmark reform to get our economy back on track.

The non-discretionary spending freeze announced by the President is a start, but what he also needs to do is promise to veto bills laden with pork barrel spending and begin creating jobs for the thousands of out-of-work Americans.

We currently face a national unemployment rate of over 10%, and it has only grown during President Obama’s time in office. As we have seen, trillion-dollar, big-government stimulus packages are not the answer for creating jobs. To stimulate our economy for job growth, we need payroll tax cuts, tax incentives for small businesses and an assurance that Democrats will not raise taxes.

As a United States Senator, I fight each and every day for these and other conservative values. I won’t settle for business-as-usual, behind-closed-doors politics. I’m not afraid to stand up and speak out for the majority of Americans who are angry at the current Democratic leadership in Washington.

But, to continue serving in this capacity, I must win reelection this year. You can help my campaign today by following this link to watch the video I’ve recorded for you and after, make a generous contribution of any amount to my campaign.

The people of Massachusetts confirmed last week what we have been saying for a long time – the American people want a change in Washington and an end to big government solutions to problems like health care. I was proud to be an early supporter of Senator-elect Scott Brown’s campaign. It was a landmark victory and I look forward to working with him to block government-run health care, tax increases and increased federal spending.

I’m proud of my record and service to this country and would like nothing more than to continue serving as a voice for conservative values. Please take a moment to make a donation to my reelection campaign, so that we have the resources to continue fighting. Thank you.


John McCain

P.S. I’ve taken a few moments to record an exclusive message for my online community about the issues laid out in President Obama’s State of the Union speech. You can follow this link to watch the video. After watching, I ask that you make a donation of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more to my reelection campaign so that I may continue serving as a voice for conservative values. Thank you.

See?  Not one question about Birth Certificates, not one assertion that the President is a Commie, not a single reference to Lenin, Marx, Mao or Hitler.  Obvious signs that John McCain is a Radical Leftist.  Just the kind of person that Socialist Pigs – I mean “Democrats” – should be able to get behind.


  1. HappyinVT

    How about the blatant lie about the deficit in the email?  How about the fact that the only response from McCain and every other Republican is to cut taxes?

    In the last diary about this I asked some questions about this race and didn’t get any substantive response.  I’d also like someone to explain how McCain’s voting record would be appreciably different than Hayworth.  I’d be interested to see how far right McCain bends to try to appeal to the base during the primary much like he did during the presidential primaries.  Either way, I’m much more interested in exploiting McCain’s weaknesses in order to help the Democratic challenger than I am in helping re-elect the idiot who sicced Palin on us.  (Yes, I hold grudges and that tells me that McCain will do/say anything to win.)

  2. Kysen

    Is there any evidence….at all…that McCain will work with Obama and the Democrats any more than his opponent? I’m not talking about casting back to years past, I am talking about any evidence, at all, that McCain has any (or ever had any) intention of working with President Obama. Or will he continue his full participation walking lockstep with the Party of No?

    If McCain has no intention of working with Obama (keep in mind, McCain has even thrown in the towel on campaign finance..bowing to the SCOTUS decision), then why should we want him over Hayworth? If they would both seek only to defeat everything that Obama and the Dems put forth…why should we want the one with more political clout? If their votes are going to be the same….I say we ought push to see the Teabagger represent the Republicans in AZ. I also believe that if Hayworth wins the Republican primary….the Democrats have a far better chance of taking the seat completely.

    McCain will not get one red cent from me….nor would I recommend that any Democrat donate to him.

    Just my (not so) humble opinion.

  3. lojasmo

    Sexist, and a racist.  He’d rather die than support any democratic agenda.

    Any democrat who supports McCain is a fucking fool.

  4. i truly have never been more confused about american politics. there was a time, for a while that i truly believe that the american political system was far superior to canada’s. with US politicians being able to vote their conscience and not being tied to the partisanship of their political parties.

    with my observations of the past 2 years – that’s changed. rejectionism and a desire to see political rivals fail while grabbing all you can seems to be the status quo.

    i understand where you are going here chris, as progressives we should try and promote independent thinking and those who seek to be bipartisan amidst political realities, but i am not sure that is really what is happening here.

    the political discourse on the right is broken, so broken that as obama said yesterday they believe that obstructionism passes for governing – mccain is quite as bad is true… so i am truly torn on this one.

  5. creamer

    but John McCain? The John McCain of 1999 I would in a heartbeat. The John McCain of 2009, he didn’t even get upset about the court overturning his signature lesgislation. More of a shrug. Now that he is running for his life, he will be less inclined to meet Obama and Reid halfway on anything. In another thread I questioned losing the possibility of  somone who might compromise, but I really have hard time arguing with HappyinVT,, that McCain seems to be gone.

    I’ll need to think about this. If I had unlimited funds I might send him some just because Hayworth is a loon. But the political question: is there a Democrat running who would draw independents if Hayworth was the opponent?

  6. I was going to spin it as “McCain Concedes Defeat” but decided this would be more controversial.  As soon as I read the letter I had the image of every Tea Leafer in America screaming at their computers because McCain missed the chance to rant about what a Socialist Kenyan Obama was.

    The situation may well be an example of how Dems can use the Tea Party split to their advantage.  Dawn had noted during the 2008 election that AZ was going more blue (or at least purple) in recent years, and McCain didn’t win AZ by as much as should have been the case.  It may well be that a moderate Dem can use the “Tea Party vs. GOP” battle in AZ to tip the scales.

  7. …and there’s post partisanship…

    But while Obama made several exemplary attempts to reach out to McCain, McCain tried to activate the base with the Palin choice, and by stirring up the Tea Party syndrome in the last weeks of the campaign.

    Let us not forget…

    It was at McCain rallies that we first saw this phenomenon. He did nothing to quell it, everything to incite it. For weeks, people gathered outside his rallies with Morans banners, excoriating Obama for being socialist, muslim – among the more polite abuses.

    People would shout out terrorist regularly. McCain, in TV appearances, treated Obama with condescension, anger and the constant irritation of a man saying ‘But it’s my turn now…’

    Apart from his excellent concession speech, only one time did McCain push back against the odious shite so prevalent today.

    If I recall correctly, a woman said “But he’s a Muslim” and McCain said “He’s not. He’s a good man.”

    In that, McCain was co-opted into the soft bigotry of low expectations (or actually worse). That was enough to get Colin Powell to endorse Obama with his amazing interview about Muslims who fought and died for the US.

    I’m sorry I can’t support this Chris, but the fact that McCain seems moderate again is only a sign of how his ‘straight talking express’ has turned into the ‘hate talking express’ and run away from him.

    But he bears some responsibility for kicking it off, and voting him out is the only way to punish him

  8. HappyinVT

    Senate Democrats voted to adopt statutory pay-go rules for legislative business on Thursday, in what party leaders described as an affirmation of their commitment to budgetary discipline.

    They received no Republican votes.


    Such a strict partisan breakdown is hardly rare in the current Congress. But for pay-go, it is a bit unique. Four Republican senators who opposed the measure on Thursday voted for nearly an identical measure in 2006.

    That list includes Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both moderates from Maine, George Voinovich, the retiring Senator from Ohio, and John McCain, the party’s standard-bearer in the 2008 presidential elections.


    Democrats, naturally, have cried foul at Republicans who demand devotion to fiscal discipline while opposing provisions that would achieve just that. Among the evidence they point to is another GOP policy reversal that occurred this past week, in which five Republicans withdrew their co-sponsorship of a bill to establish a debt-reduction commission citing (once more) concerns about tax hikes. McCain, who is facing a tough primary challenger in 2010, was on that list as well.

  9. HappyinVT

    Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) is facing his lowest public approval ratings in his home state since 1994, according to the new Rocky Mountain Poll. The last time he faced approval ratings as bad as the ones released to today was in the aftermath of the Keating Five scandal, when McCain had to rebuild trust with voters in his home state.

    Just 40% of Arizonans approve of the job McCain is doing for them in D.C., according to the poll.


    McCain does better with Republicans than he does with the rest of the state. He’s got a 52% approval rating among the GOP.


    52% approval among folks identifying with one’s party ain’t nothing to write home about, either.  Not that this means Hayworth has much of a chance.

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