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Made Me Laugh

Dick Cavett was on MSNBC this afternoon and he was hysterical. First I was astonished that he is still alive. In an era of so many dead celebrities it was good to see Mr Cavett spry and dry as always;~J

In response to the question would Sarah Palin make a good tv host, Mr Cavett said “Nooo…”

You may remember his column the “Wild Wordsmith of Wassilla” last year.

She seems to have no first language and I really feel sorry for John McCain because he aimed low and missed. two three four

She obviously communicates because so many people seem to like her. And she looks nice and she’s got energy and so on.

The fact that you could take any five consecutive words out of any long sentence of hers and put them anywhere else in that paragraph without changing the meaning bothers me. And the fact that a presidential candidate was willing to put a no-nothing in the White House leading the leading country of the world.  

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