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Wednesday September 30, 2009: The Day in Tubes

Ok. I skipped Tuesday. It is partly done, but I was feeling a bit down yesterday, after the Senate Finance Committee defeated two different amendments for a public option in their health care reform bill. I couldn’t get to the funny and I didn’t want to start screaming my rage on the Moose.

So I will let someone else do that today.

Wow. I am sorry, but that was one of the coolest things I have seen in a while. A few repugnant’s got pretty upset with Representative Grayson and demanded he apologize.

So he did. Sort of.

Heh. As you can imagine, Lumpybag was outraged. Headzup spoke with him earlier today.

I wonder what his co-pay is for all of those oxy’s?

This caught my eye. And they say Minnesota politics are strange.

Damn. Only a semi-automatic was given away? Now how is anyone going to go deer hunting with just a semi?

Senator McCain has a few thoughts on the situation with Iran.

Pssst. John, Perhaps you should ask Joe Lieberman what he thinks about Iran, before you say stupid shit like that again.

On a more serious note, Marcy Wheeler of the Nation has a more strategic approach to the health care debate.

I will probably do something weird this week and post my Tuesday Tubes on Thursday. Or Friday. We shall see;~J


  1. Hollede

    I noticed that you beat me to the Grayson story, but decided to post this anyway. It was so nice, it deserves to go twice;~J

  2. ummm….  You mean, nobody dies because they don’t see a doctor until their cancer is terminal?  Or is it that nobody dies because they cannot afford treatment and medication?

    Somebody give Rush an extra dose.

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