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Thursday September 17, 2009: The Day in Tubes (Oh no, it's not really Thursday?!)

I am afraid I got a bit goofy Thursday and ended up with an all toon set of tubes. Then Ani and I ended up spending a bit of quality time together after a very tough week, so I missed my own deadline.

However, I liked the tubes so much I decided to post them anyway, even though they are a couple of days late. Please forgive my tardiness, but decided time spent with one’s girlfriend takes priority:~D

First off, Headzup exposes Lumpybag’s views on racism.

All republicans should be sooooo proud of their de facto leader!

Headzup caught a bit of news I missed.

Oh Nancy, say it ain’t so…

Back to making fun of republicans. This is one of the more extraordinary commercials I have ever seen.

Jesus hates me because I am a Democrat? Oh noes..

Speaking of the Drugster, I found a new tube site and have been groovin’ on the funny.

SuperNews nailed it!

I ran across this, and laughed so hard, coffee spurted out my nose. Apologies to my keyboard.

Oh Ann Coulter, you are such a psychotic bitch. Oh damn, I think I just offended bitches. And psychos.

Here is another fabulous toon from SuperNews.

These guys really capture the essence of the freak show on the right.

I am working on Friday’s tubes and hope to post later today. There are suddenly an overwhelming number of tubes to choose from, and am having difficulty making up my mind on the best ones to include.

Happy Saturday everyone, from your favorite twisted sister.


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