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Friday September 11, 2009: The Day in Tubes

Warning! I am sick and irreverent. I wonder how many times I will need to post that warning? Knowing me, rather often I am certain.

That being said, the Onion has a unique idea of how to commemorate 9/11.

An Onion a day helps keeps the blindness away.

I have seen this tube before, and did not realize that it had been censored on YouTube. It seems appropriate to revisit today.

REPOST. Original description by creator/copyrightowner PUPPETGOV.:

“*CENSORED By You Tube. This video was listed as #22 on YT’s All Time News/Politics Video and was pulled and erased from that standing overnight.

So What Are You Going To Do About It?

Song:’All the things that I have done’



I am still angry at the bush pseudo administration for almost destroying the United States of America and our Constitution.

It may take (a duly elected and actual) President Obama a while to fix the mess the bushies created.  

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich gives a succinct and clear explanation of the public option.  

I really like that guy. And thank you BraveNewFilms for keeping us honest.

I don’t watch CNN anymore, and certainly never watched Larry King, but I must admit I miss seeing James Carville on a regular basis.

Why do repug women always seem to look like that? Xanax anyone?

Uh oh. Bobby Jindahl seems to be in a bit of trouble. Headzup explains.

Why do repugs always seem to want others to be fiscally responsible, but have no problem wasting tax payers dollars at the drop of a hat?

Bernie Sanders has a few words on this.

Anytime I can fit a song parody from VersusPlus into a tube diary…

There you go.

**Update** This is too funny not to add tonight. I have often thought our descendants will wonder “What the fuck were they thinking!!!”

I want to see this movie sooooo bad.


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