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The Lounge: I'm not good people


Let’s get that out of the way right now. I’m not good people.  I have deliberately participated in the promulgation an Interwebs meme, and I have laughed heartily at it.  

This week, Fark has gotten its new meme. Nothing new there, but the ends to which that folks have hopped aboard to satire the Birthers and the dreck that Glenn Beck has stooped to with his OLIGARHY Wharrgarbl is fun–“fun” perhaps in the same as living in “interesting” times in the Chinese curse sense. And I share it with the Moose, because the Interwebs have responded.

Earlier this week, folks posited the appropriateness of spreading lies, and damn lies on Fark. Picking up the drum beat, there was all sorts of rampant speculation that could be run with. Including, Glenn Beck raping and murdering a girl in 1990.

Oddly enough, like a good many people who didn’t take “A Right Wing Terrorist” or hunting and killing the President as a joke, some have responded to the attacks on Beck… and they are not happy.

Apparently, though, being a Right Wing Terrorist is a funny joke, as evidenced by the following:





Oh, wait, that’s right: those aren’t really funny, are they?  In fact, considering the growth of Right Wing extremists, and the fanning of flames by race baiting groups and others, it maybe hits a wee bit too close to home to really be funny.

And to be honest, while there is something to be said for the Birthers in their insistence to clinging to one of the odder conspiracy theories out there, the latest round of crying by Beck has perhaps the opposite effect in ramping up the rhetoric, and running up the Jack Booted Socialist-Commie-Fascists routine–though I have yet to understand how the three can combine together so well since they tend to exclude one another fairly quickly, but that doesn’t stop Beck from conflating the three within the current Administration.


OLIGARHY on its own, is sort of funny.  It is a fantastic piece of failure by editors and producers.  Save that folks are fastening onto this nut job, and his like with the tenacity of rats clinging to  piece of flotsam in the water, and twice as vicious.  And that is perhaps why I helped add fuel to the fire, and even participated in poll that shows that 84% of Americans believe this goofy meme.  Because as asinine a claim as this is, it is no less crazy than the dreck that Beck has been slinging, and with as much substantiation.  

As satire, it is thin. Razor thin even. As thin perhaps as the idea that Beck is an entertainer who doesn’t have to substantiate or corroborate his claims.  Rape and murder aren’t exactly funny concepts.  Then again, issuing Obama Hunting licenses are only so funny to a few people, who perhaps remember fondly going out and stringing up folks when the mood settled.  That Beck’s supporters don’t “get” the joke is hardly surprising.  And to be honest, as a joke, it’s only really funny when you put it into context with the vitriol and bile the man heaps, and the stage he sets for just as ridiculous claims, and with even less substantiation.

I come to you with head only slightly bowed, because while I will freely admit that I’m not a good person for participating in this meme, I refuse to apologize for it. Because someone has to.  


  1. HappyinVT

    and/or consternation and/or makes him spend a minute defending himself is worthy.  Although I’m not sure accusing someone of rape and murder is quite the way I’d have gone.

    Inexplicably the dude is shedding sponsors but gaining in audience.  I truly hope it is just those who cannot look away from the trainwreck thiat is Beck.

  2. If I had, I’d probably have joined in. Beck thinks nothing of smearing people based on false or misleading info. It’s only fair that he suffer the same fate. Surely there is someone named Beck on one of the sex offender registers in this country. If the name is close then it could be pushed on him. If the first name is different then it can be claimed to be one of his relatives.

    What I’m about to say right now is totally out of character for me, but it is what Beck might say in the same situation.

    His mother and one of his brothers committed suicide. Could it be that Beck is so evil that his own family members would kill themselves to get away from him? Or, given that another sibling had an untimely heart attack, is it possible that there is something fishy about all of these deaths. I’m not saying Beck had anything to do with them. I’m just wondering about these strange happenings. It’s pretty obvious that something is going on here.

  3. I’m beginning to see how this works. You’re both centrists, fiscally and constitutionally conservative, but liberal in your social values and your opinions of others.

    Basically what you’ve done over the last ten years ago is courted all kinds of crazy, and tried to figure out which crazy was heading in inventive and interesting directions, and which crazy was leading you straight to hell, in a gas guzzling handbasket.

    I guess the results of your survey have showed that these days libruls are surprisingly open minded (and Pro American) whereas the doctrinaire Christianist right has just become a farrago of nasty lies, and a warren of insidious destructiveness.

    Am I right? Or am I right?  

  4. anna shane

    … make it bigger.  Willy Horton was a republican, didn’t you know, and he has a website called ‘murderers/rapists for a piece of the action.’ Glen Beck donated seed money, under the pseudonym of chief justice roberts.

    Lou Dobb’s mother came to this country illegally from Liechtenstein  and put her son through college working in the sex industry.

    Many republicans started out as replicans.  They mainly prefer the original version not the director’s cut.  

    78 percent of registered male republicans are also registered male sex offenders.  

    Most republicans polled they’d move to Texas and quit voting if they could participate in executions of probably innocent retarded teenagers.  

  5. NavyBlueWife

    I fucking hate Glenn Beck.

    I absolutely love satire.

    This bullshit is not satire.

    As a rape victim, I am horribly offended.  I am offended when people use rape as an analogy, e.g. “the government is raping me on taxes”.  This bullshit goes WAY beyond an analogy.  Rape is rape…and not some goddamn rhetorical technique.

    I will say that there is some benefit that has come of my knowing about this bullshit.  I will be sure to watch that my vitriolic tirades are actually on point.

  6. Kysen


    I can see this from both ‘sides’…..but, while the content of the satire is, indeed, horrid….have to admit that I laughed at it. And, as evidenced by my comment above, found that poll particular humorous. Is it nice and PC? Hell no. But, imo, is funny nonetheless.

    I think that Hubie made it clear that it was satire. That it was not to be taken seriously, was offensive, and made him feel a wee bit dirty engaging in it. As such, it is in no way a valid comparison to what the loons on the Right do when spewing equally ridiculous crap about Dems/Libs/Lefties as TRUTH. What they are doing/saying/spreading is NOT satire, nor do they intend it to be. I don’t see this as a ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’ scenario…perhaps more of a ‘a wrong and a misguided don’t make cupcakes’ one.

    So, while I agree it is offensive…and in places may have been taken a bit far…I think it is obvious satire.

    Would I have FP’d it? Dunno…but, I laughed at it…and rec’d it and the comments contained within.

    Can always count on the Moose for interesting commentary.


  7. creamer

    I occasionly se him on Huffington Post in a you-tube moment. His lack of veracity and just plain insanity undermines anything else he might say. I apply this to a large part of the conservative media with a few exceptions.

     I really don’t find a lot of this thread funny. Satire, humor linked to truth, I find amusing at times. Somtimes I might find them objectionable. Framing somone as a murder or rapist isn’t somwhere I would go.

     I don’t mean to say I’ve havn’t or won’t say somthing here that others might object to. I suspect my liberal comments have at times irrataited Chris or Hubbie. I recently remember being non-agreeable about using a “love it or leave it” approach to republicans or anarchist.

     In my mind one of the things that seperates the larger progressive camp from that of the right is our being more honest in our disscusions on ideas and policy. I think whatever momentary satifaction gained by matching the birthers or Becks of the right is destructive long term.  

  8. creamer

     Truly I dispise Glenn Beck, I just don’t see anything constuctive by calling people names or making up stories to sully their reputation( beck doesn’t need help here).

     We all get to define ourselves. Through his words and actions Beck has clearly defined himself. I think we are much better defined by speaking truth to his/their lies and misrepresentations. I also think we are much more effective in doing so.I think people in the middle see Beck for what he is. The people on the far right are largely beyond reach.  

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