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What gets missed in the SOPA debate…

Rick Santorum is hardly my favorite human being. He is a representative of a brand of “Conservatism” that is abhorrent to me. A religious zealot who preaches that we need good Conservative leadership, and then proceeds to advance radicalized ideas of imposition of theocratic controls, promote monopolist interests, and all in the name of “safety” and “freedom.”

In a post SOPA Blackout world, that many across the Web didn’t get–I point to the folks who misinterpreted Drew Curtis’ “White Out” as support and obviously didn’t actually read the whole statement or even click the linked video that simply read: You can’t. It’s evil–and I realize that during the discussion, some things about the bill really have been glossed over.

For Lulz, here’s Rick’s defense of SOPA as framed that freedom of speech is too free and against good American values…

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Five Dollar Insight…

Yesterday I had to deposit some cash at the bank. Nothing huge, but every dollar counts these days, right?  

The only problem was, not all the bills were recognized, and it pretty much illustrates the problems we face right now, not just in our everyday business, but the overall economy as well.

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Romney Bites Off a Bit More Than He Can Chew…

The last week has been interesting where issues of marriage equality are concerned. Between Rick Perry getting clowned on YouTube, the outing of one of the ad’s authors, with Newt’s own sister siding against him, with Newt upping the ante and supporting a Constitutional Amendment to ban marriage equality, and now Mitt Romney making a grievous error in judgement in thinking a vet would be supportive of his brand of bigotry.

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An interesting twist on hypocrisy…

For a moment, let’s set aside the hypocrisy in Rick Perry’s recent YouTube blunder that was a fair insult to the gay community in an attempt to curry favor with the Religious Right on the issue of prayer in school, with using background music lifted from Aaron Copeland’s Appalachian Spring.  Or Perry’s adoption of the fashionable jacket worn by Heath Ledger’s character in Brokeback Mountain while we’re at it.

Let’s instead take a look at the outing by GOProud of one of the authors of the ad, Tony Fabrizio.

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Dammit Fox!


I was going to do a post at the Suicidal Cactus Hour in a somewhat belated review of Dragon Age 2–a game that I think has gotten a bad rap over the last few months.  Not a perfect game to be sure, but with Skyrim out, and watching folks delve into it, there is rumblings of how terrible DA2 was, and in comparison the two games are apples and mangos.

That WAS until the Daily Show fired up on Hulu. And the mind numbing disingenuousness began to roll in.

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The Good Stick…

I know, it’s been awhile, but I wanted to return with something maybe a bit of a personal nature.

I just got back from the doctor’s office. Nothing major, just a routine sort of blood test. Routine enough that I tend to not think about them too much. I mention it, because something not terrible happened. The phlebotomist stuck me, got my blood drawn in record time, and without much in the way of pain. For those of us who get stuck on a regular basis, that is an appreciable thing. (Diabetics, you know what I’m talking about)

I thanked the gal, on a good stick, and she was kind of surprised. Which got me to thinking.

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