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Daily Tubes for Monday August 24, 2009

I have had a tough time finding the funny lately. It could just be me, but it feels like we are getting the poo knocked out of us this summer. It makes me think of that horrible bumper sticker that used to be (still is?) popular:

The proud parent of a kid who beat up your honor student

Headzup (yay) has a new tube out about the mercenary company Blackwater and Erik Prince. Come on everyone, say it after me: MERCENARY.

Why do the bush years feel like the beginning of a whopper of a Robert Ludlum novel? The only problem, it never gets published, because the premise is just too unbelievable.

Looks like Sunday had more of the same sad drivel from the pugs.

Don’t forget the insurance companies John. Asshole.

Wait, what? You mean Joe Lieberman is not a republican? And even though he campaigned for John McCain, President Obama let him keep his chairmanship? Why exactly did he do this?

I love the way Headzup does Lieberman.

Here is the absolute TRUTH about President Obama’s health care plan.

Uh oh. Now I suppose that will be taken seriously by the lunatic freakshow.

Oh that reminds me,

The Day in 100 seconds from TPMtv



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