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An Iranian Dawn – Open Thread

It is Sunday morning in Iran now.  Dawn has crept across the land and is chasing away the shadows that hide the truth.

Here’s hoping that our friends in Iran made it through the night OK and that the day brings them peace and freedom.

Notes compiled here for anyone’s use:

List of Embassies taking wounded.

A good Facebook, Twitter etc. profile pic for anyone inclined.  Make the world more green for a few days and keep the world’s attention on Iran.

Flickr photostream.


  1. Shaun Appleby

    If the power behind the throne in Iran isn’t squirming today they haven’t been paying attention.

  2. Shaun Appleby

    CNN has it’s head buried in the sand while the NYT and the Independent have correspondents out on the street filing vital, insightful and informative reports in defiance of the ban?  #infotainmentfail.

  3. “I like to believe that people in the long run are going to do more to promote peace than our governments. Indeed, I think that people want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it. ”

  4. not sure if that is a government site or what. Supposedly, five Rafsanjani family members have been arrested. Sounds like hostages to me. He may be ready to become a martyr, but will he be willing to let his family suffer torture? Will the regime go that far?

    Five family members Valmslmyn Hojatoleslam Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, who between them also tend Faezah Hashemi, identified last night by security forces and judicial sentence reference were arrested.

    Network correspondent to report Iran Faezah Hashemi, the daughter, wife Hossein Marashi, Marashi daughter and sister of the woman he is arrested.

    The report adds the 5 people in the days to freedom of assembly illegal street in stimulating and encouraging sedition were expensive.

    According to Hashemi Rafsanjani, one of the other children in the days Ramyhay ill Tohid be present immediately after recognition has been concealed.

  5. Shaun Appleby

    “We students do not chant death to America. We want the American constitution”

    Sure, we’re not using it.

    Ya’ gotta’ laugh.

  6. Thanks for these brilliant updates while Western Europe slept, but it looks like the many are beating the few. The BBC seem to be confirming that the picture Shaun posted upthread, is of the Tehran Basij HQ burning.

    Arson and violence and destruction are not my thing – but when someone destroys the destroyers…

    I haven’t been so happy to see smoke since NATO bombed the Serb gun emplacements around Sarajevo

  7. Shaun Appleby

    I had to take a moment to let my brain return to normal function after reading this:

    “Statistics provided by Mohsen Rezaei in which he claims more than 100% of those eligible have cast their ballot in 170 cities are not accurate — the incident has happened in only 50 cities,” Kadkhodaei said.

    The spokesman, however, said that although the vote tally affected by such an irregularity is over 3 million, “it has yet to be determined whether the amount is decisive in the election results,” reported Khabaronline.

    Guardian Council: Over 100% voted in 50 cities PressTV (Iran) 21 Jun 09 (Yup, read it and weep)

    Only fifty?  Shucks.  And decisive evidence of election fraud, now that you mention?  I guess.  Curiouser and curiouser.

  8. vcalzone

    A Newsweek reporter has been detained. All those looking for President Obama to get more involved and take a sharper tone towards the censorship and violence… now he has an excuse. THere is a reason they have refrained from attacking foreign media as long as they could.

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