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What A Wonderful World

On May 26, 1987, Donna White – in a beautiful pink lace dress – took the hand of a haggard young man in a white sport jacket in Toronto City Hall, and she said the two most fateful words ever spoken by starry-eyed youth.

Twenty two years, five states and three children later she still does.

Babydoll, since we happen to have 700 milles between us tonight I thought I’d just say this in public: thanks for sharing this wonderful world with me, for oh-so long.

Those of you who have been following along may have picked up that I am something of an optimist.  OK, a hopeless Polyanna.  Some who know a bit more about my life have been known to comment that I maintain this view because I have been fortunate, that the universe has been particularly kind to me.  Those few who know me really well know this is not true at all.  Life is not easy for any of us, nonetheless we live in a Wonderful World if and as we choose.

I have a wish for all of you out there.  I wish that you find it in yourself to choose to see the Wonderful World you live in.  It will be there, waiting, whether or not you acknowledge it.

(Hat Tip to my good friend Pat Ailles for the Rowlf video)


  1. …you’re both lucky to find each other.

    Politics, history, tragedy, injustice – they all require lots of words to repair and heal.

    But happiness is ineffable. So a celebratory kiss to you both

    xx peter

  2. Cheryl Kopec

    …What puppy in a filming situation — lots of new people, bright lights, etc. — is going to be drowsy? I am an amateur dog psychologist, and if you ask me, that puppy was drugged. Sorry. 🙁


  3. Cheryl Kopec

    I know nothing of your wife, but if she has earned your admiration, she must be one helluva woman indeed. You’re one of the more thoughtful, analytical, and witty thinkers I’ve run across on the ‘Net, and if your wife captured your fancy, she must be one special lady indeed.

    Happy anniversary, and here’s to many more! sips a toast



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