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Susan Boyle and North Korean Nukes Open Thread

Susan Boyle sang “Memory” yesterday.

Just over a month – and over a hundred million views on YouTube – later, Susan is still warming hearts and uplifting souls.  Is there marketing involved?  Does it matter?

Oh yeah, and Kim Jong Il (or his corpse, or his rivals – who can tell?) fired off a nuclear weapon.

Which one matters more to you?

Consider this an open thread.


  1. louisprandtl old fashioned blackmail.

    I was at the annual “Passport to Taiwan” festival at Union Square/14th St (Manhattan) yesterday. It was very interesting to see the street dancers from Taiwan. Some videos are posted at Youtube/Google (see link below). I had some awesome “Bubble Tea”, and food wrapped in bamboo leaves. It was good to talk to some Taiwanese-Americans whose views are often overlooked under current US-China policy.

  2. today’s events are hugely concerning on many levels. with thousands of land-based missiles pointed at south korea and 1.2 million soldiers under arms, kim jong-il has long has had the west over a barrel. perhaps what even scarier is that there are many signals that north korea is already selling missiles to pakistan, iran and possibly saudi arabia.

    a literal and figurative bankrupt dictator, kim bankrolls his state by counterfeiting US money. he has no fuel for his factories and no foodstuffs to feed his people. he goes through the motions of building nuclear reactors, then wins subsidized oil shipments from the outside world in return for suspending construction. but in a way it was effective.  

    as to the idea that kim’s using this as leverage… for what? obama is an end-game kind of leader and i don’t think these type of attempts to winning foreign aid to stave off his people’s hunger and provoking diplomatic apoplexy to feed kim’s megalomania will work.

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