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The Last of the Bonus Tubes…for now

This really is it for a while. It looks like I got an extra day or so with the service at the old place. I am checking outa here on Friday morning and I cannot think of a better thing to happen for us. Yay and on with the new.

I am figuring on holding out for a day or two to get service started. Then it will take a few days for the intertube tech to find my house. Give me a week, as I am weak…and lame;~) In the meantime, I thought I would share a couple of odds and ends I found while rummaging around in the Youtube closet.

Headzup shows the true face of republican hypocrisy.

A sweet moment for all of us.

The republicans are talking Banana Republic points, whilst I am reminded of Nuremberg.

Some things are just plain wrong, no matter how hard you try to justify them. I am quite certain that people quit their jobs, rather than torture another human being. We are Americans for crying out soft. That actually means something to me.

Finally! A few sick and twisted tubes. First a couple of Onions.

A distinguished panel debates an urgent and persistent problem plaguing humanity.

Sleepers unite! Stamp out dreaming.

Another vital story on a brilliant solution to help you avoid work.

Oh sweet, sweet Onion, never stop making me cry with laughter.

I found a couple of strange ones from Jib Jab. I am not sure what I think about them. They were almost not included.

What is it with bunnies?


I really like this one from AniBoom. They have the coolest animation. Please enjoy.

That’s all folks! Parting is such sweet sorrow:~( See you on the flip side…and TTFN.


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