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Online Townhall and Open Thread

The President is holding the first ever live online Townhall at the moment, streaming from

One more filter falls, transparency edges further into the fore.


I have to leave for the airport so I’m not much use at the moment, but the first interesting thing I notice about the townhall?

It is faster on the Internet than television.  CNN has a lag of a few seconds.

Now, this may not be much of an earth-shattering piece of information, but it is interesting to me that as of this moment it is simpler and more efffective to listen directly to the source than to take the filtered version offered by corporate media.

Just seems very interesting to me…

If any other editor wants to take over this Open Thread please do so.  I’ll try to drop back in later.


  1. He’s talking about the national service program. He expects this to be passed in the next few weeks and a program to be in place by the end of the year. This has been well under the radar for some time now. We should start to hear more about it from the MSM now that it has been discussed in this townhall.

  2. It was apparently a quite popular question. It was posed as whether legalizing pot would be beneficial to the economy right now. He gave a simple ‘No’ as an answer.  

  3. Hollede

    and was watching the President on MSNBC online. Heh. Anyway, they broke away for BREAKING NEWS and went to a republican news conference with the promise of a republican alternative to the budget. That lasted about four minutes and then Contessa cut it off saying “when the republicans have something new to say besides criticizing President Obama and his budget, we will cover them”.

    HA!!! OMFG she is pissed and it is too funny.  

  4. Hollede

    and Contessa is on again. She is still pissed. Really pissed. I never noticed how fucking adorable she is before…. She is really mad that she broke away from the President for THAT! Heh.

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