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Are you excited about the Presidents address tonight? Hopefully we can have an open thread to discuss later. I have been waiting for the Day and here it is!

Tuesday February 24, 2009 in 100 seconds. Good God, is it almost March?

Pressure much?

Monday February 23, 2009 in 100 seconds by the fine folks at TMPtv.

I must say, I love Nora O’Donnell’s laugh.

Follow me after the fold, and you will receive the promised toons…

Today I am being lazy and am mostly posting Headzup toons. They have been extremely busy over the past few days. They say a picture is worth a 1000 words. A toon must be worth a million.

More like 20 million. Could they be that stupid?

Wow. I never thought it would make me so happy to see this guy happy. What is the world coming to?

That one has kept me laughing all day.

I could say that I am getting tired of paying my taxes here in Minnesota for states like Louisiana, but that would be wrong, right? It is annoying that states like South and North Dakota gets a lion’s share of federal money, when their state taxes are low or non-existent. Ours are very high, and one wonders why, when we are seeing tremendous state cuts. I heard Pawlenty yammering about Minnesota not needing the stimulus money. Yeah, go ahead Tim. Look on the bright side, I guarantee we will have a Democratic Governor in two years.

This got lost in last week. Anybody ever feel that way? I think I have been lost in the last couple of years.

Oh my. With friends like that…


  1. Hollede

    President Obama. Vice President Biden. Speaker Pelosi. I am almost crying with joy.

    Ok I am balling my eyes out.

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