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Iran Wants to Talk

Breaking News this morning out of Iran: they want to talk to the US.

President Obama has plans for Iran.  During his press conference last night the President said:

In the coming months, we will be looking for openings that can be created where we can start sitting across the table face to face.

Well, now the Iranian government is willing.  We will see if they have anything to offer to the world and to their own people.

What do you think?  

 Is this a first possible step in the right direction?  

 Should Obama take it at face value and more forward?  

 What would you say at such a meeting if you were the president?

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  1. First there will be side-channel discussions through third parties then low level diplomatic discussions then Hillary might get involved. After a few meetings between the foreign minister and SoS a top-level meeting might happen.

    Talking is good. Nothing is going to happen to break the antagonism between the two countries unless both of us are willing to talk about our differences.

  2. anna shane

    will help the kids stay pro-American.  Factually Iran has a lot to be grateful for over the past eight years. We took on their two biggest enemies, Saddam and the Taliban, we gave them new international clout, next to the former Soviet Union we’ve helped their regime most.  You’d think Bush were an agent of the Mullahs.  

  3. creamer

     And we can always quit talking(though short of war I can’t imagine why).

    The Iranians have a long proud history, and if we talk to them instead of down to them, we might be surprised by the results. I would think that Bush has lowered our standing in the world enough that no can use the argument that we would be legitimizing them by simply talking.

    I would also suggest that if Bibi is elected in Israel we should start talking sooner than later.

  4. Hollede

    progress is going to be made until after the election. I suspect we will do whatever we can to encourage the moderates, but this is a very delicate balance. Respect, dignity, and face are extremely important to Persians. We shall see.

  5. Hollede

    It reminds me of northern Tehran where we used to live. But it could be downtownish as well. It has been so many years. Look at those roads tho! They look gooood. Who’s doing infrastructure these days?

  6. Hollede

    and tubes of Teheran last night and got completely pulled in.

    This one is very pro Shah but it does show how the Shah was trying to elevate women’s rights.

    Here is a fairly typical drive through town.

    Heh. My Mom refused to drive in Teheran.

  7. was his lack of support for the Shah. Once again, they show their blindness to reality. Our support for the Shah was the biggest mistake we could have made in that country. We obviously didn’t learn anything from it since we are still supporting dictators with oppressive secret police forces (Egypt, Saudi Arabia, etc…)

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