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You Tummy Aching Tubes *Small Update*

I knew this would happen. The excitement of the primaries and the GE and the inauguration have succumbed to the swamp in our nations capital. I had hoped that President Obama would be more prepared for this.

Sometimes it just makes me want to watch Tila Tequila.

Or Jerry Springer. Is he still around or has he been elected to something?

I don’t know what happened to Friday. I have been waiting…TPMtv!

Thursday February 5, 2009 in 100 seconds.

They need to smell a mile in my shoes. Now that stinks!

Wednesday February 4, 2009 in 100 seconds.

Is baseball starting soon?

small update I am surprised I missed this. Probably because the clip in Louis’ diary was so much better. It’s still funny and continues to get the point across. That is what is important.

I actually think the President has something up his sleeve, but this week has been painful to watch. It feels too much like President Obama gave the Dicks an inch, and they took a mile.

What is that old joke? Men must make maps. Only a man would make an inch = a mile. Heh. Some of my favorite jokes are from Roseanne (at least I think it’s hers). I wonder why?

In other news, the worlds waits, while Micheal Phelps decides to give up swimming or not…

If you ask me, he should keep on, keeping on. You know, different strokes for different tokes.

Holli now ducks and covers over lame puns.


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