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OMG! The Right Has Officially Gone Off The Deep End

While checking my usual daily news and opinion sources I came across a link to a forum thread on Sean Hannity’s site. They aren’t called wing nuts for nothing.

Most political junkies will recall Bill O’Reilly’s rants about posts he found on dkos that upset him. His rants became a joke among those on the Left. Well, now the Right has gone even further. This is truly scary stuff. Or absolutely hilarious, depending on your take of it.

It takes so little to set them off. The post, by a forum member named FreedomWorks wonders what would happen if a revolution came about in the U.S.A. The poster wasn’t really advocating revolution. He was simply speculating about what it would mean for this country. His belief was that it would mean total anarchy. It was the comments that followed that went off the deep end.

There was also a poll that has apparently been taken down that asked “What kind of revolution appeals most to you – Military Coup, armed rebellion, or war for secession?” I didn’t see the poll, but from this post on “Armed Rebellion” was the preferred choice of the wing nuts.

As of this writing, “Armed Rebellion” is ahead with 40%; less than one in four support a military coup. The rest (about 36%) support a war for secession. (85 votes total)

Here are a few samples from the comments:  

It was conservatives that started that seceded in the civil war. They did so over taxes. The Union decided they couldn’t allow it because they needed the taxes and income from those states. You can say they were protecting their interests. Which is probably going to be what Obama says when Texas secedes.

We need that oil.

What oil the oil you claimed you could do with out?

Notice I said when not if Texas Secedes.

Liberals won’t have guns.

Conservatives will be carrying Glocks, AR-15’s and AK-47’s. You know, the stuff the ‘resident wants to ban.

I suspect the difference will be noticeable, don’t you?

Wow. You didn’t think that out, did you?

This Congress of Fools — and the man who STOLE THE ELECTION BY MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD — the USURPER — have so broken the Constitution, destroying civil liberty after civil liberty.

The entire premise of the American Revolution is that government is a CIVIL CONTRACT between those in Washington and the people on the streets. When government breaks the contract, it becomes NULL AND VOID, losing all authority over the people and having only one source of power left — BRUTE FORCE. And brute force doesn’t work when people would just as soon die as submit to still further tyranny and IMMORAL CORRUPT BRUTAL CRIMES AGAINST THE PEOPLE.

The federal government has become the very essence of ABUSIVE AND DESTRUCTIVE TYRANNY, just as vicious and destructive as what King George and his own Parliament of Fools ever pulled.

Pelosi and Obama and Reid and both Clintons and Kennedy HAVE BROKEN THE CONTRACT between the people and government, HAVE DESTROYED THE CONSTITUTION WITH THEIR OWN TYRANNY< THEIR OWN CRIMINALITY< THEIR OWN REFUSAL TO LISTEN TO THE REST OF THE NATION that liberals hate and seek to destroy.

There comes a point at which people are forced to either roll over and be slaughtered or fight back and hope like hell they survive the slaughter — and when people begin to see that there is no other option left except to fight back or be slaughtered, you’ve got a revolution on your hands.

This last election MARKED BY FRAUD AND CHEATING AND LYING AND EVERY ELECTION CRIME IN THE BOOK — and the past two months where disgusting criminal TYRANTS have passed one VICIOUSLY DESTRUCTIVE AND IMMORAL AND DISUSTINGLY ABUSIVE BILL AFTER ANOTHER is exactly that: the last straw.

We submit and die — or we fight back and maybe die — because those are the only two options the DEMONS IN WASHINGTON give us.

There is literally NO MORE ROOM TO YIELD on our side of the aisle. The Left has stretched the rope and stretched and stretched it again and again and again.

The DEMOCRATS must back off and back off FAST — and start cleaning up their OWN CRIMES — because the Democrat Party is now the equivalent of far worse than the British Parliament was ever thought to be — more like Saddam Hussein and the Baathists of Iraq by the day: just as brutal, just as cruel, just as insane, just as selfish and vicious and IMMORAL as that bastard ever got.

They have done exactly the same TREACHERIES as Stalin, as Castro, as Chavez, as the vicious animals who have destroyed Africa in one endless war after another, as the monsters of the Roman empire who destroyed that nation, too.


We have tolerated “Taxation Without Representation” — and now the CRIME LORDS have bankrupted the nation, wallowing in luxuries bought with money they STOLE from our poorest citizens, living in luxury while the poor struggle to put TAXED GASOLINE in their cars, TAXED comforts in their kids bellies, TAXED clothes on their kids backs — and lost jobs because TAXES bankrupted their employers — now they’re in bankruptcy themselves — while the IMMORAL THUGS IN CONGRESS continue to spend spend spend spend spend FOR **** THAT HELPS ONLY THE LEFT and leaves middle America gasping for air.

Are you getting scared yet or are you laughing so hard you have tears in your eyes? Hang on, there’s more.

We certainly need to organize and prepare for it even create a temporary form of government at this point. We need to feel out our friends and enemies even see about what aid we can gain from other foreign powers that may very well work with us. Such as Britain and Canada and other European nations that have already had there fill of Obama.

And we start looking for that society in our extended family and our neighbors. Who is trustworthy? Who will stand against tyranny and the “laws of the land” that are actually not legal? Will this neighbor or that? Or will this neighbor stand with the laws of the land thinking they are doing the right thing?

We are in a serious flux now. Maybe not next week or next month, but there is no doubt that things are devolving faster and faster.

We can only actually prepare ourselves and pray that we are lead to like minded souls who believe as we do and live in effort and purpose to regain the ideals of our nation.

Had enough? I know I have.

Using the logic of O’Reilly and Hannity, by not censoring these comments on his web site Sean Hannity has now advocated rebellion against the legitimate government of the United States. If they are right about that then he, Hannity, could be tried and executed for the crime of treason.

This is the party of Palin, Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity, and Joe the Plumber. Welcome to Cuckoo Land.

Please excuse me while I go take a long hot shower.


  1. Hollede

    a couple of days ago on KO and am surprised to hear that it is still on Hannity’s website. I am simply shocked that he would harbor terrorists and traitors to our country in this manner.

    The strangest thing is the persistant belief expressed that President Obama stole the election. Are they projecting or…well it is clear these are dangerous and delusional people, who I truly hope are getting visits from a few folks in black this week.  

  2. anna shane

    is looking at these guys, no movie stars or the average looking joe in this bunch of ‘white supremacists.’  Which makes me think that it’s true, you are what you eat.  

    Golly, no wonder they’re so upset about buying a license to own a firearm. Their prints would be smudges?  

  3. psychodrew

    Such as Britain and Canada and other European nations that have already had there fill of Obama.

    The world LOVES Obama.  Are they fucking kidding?  What planet are these people from?

    Did Alegre write that comment?

  4. rfahey22

    You can’t take these people that seriously.  I think that those types of responses are probably more interesting from a sociological or psychological perspective then as a window into the soul of a sizable chunk of the populace.  That said, I have no objection to making such cranks the face of the Republican Party, for the simple reason that it may scare some moderates to our side.

  5. spacemanspiff


    Top Democratic operatives are planning a stepped up campaign to promote Rush Limbaugh as the public face of the GOP – an effort that will include recruiting Dem governors to make this case on talk shows, getting elected officials to pen Op eds arguing it, and running more ads pushing it, a senior Democratic operative says.

    Key leadership staff in the House and Senate, and in all the political committees, have been encouraged by senior Dem operatives to push this message wherever possible, the operative says.

    “I’m encouraging everybody to go out and say this,” Paul Begala , the well-known Dem strategist, just told me by phone. “I’m hot for this. Let’s get this out every way we can.”

    Who is leading the charge?

    Begala is emerging as a major cheerleader and public face for this effort, though he says he’s not formally directing it. He described the effort as “organic” right now, though senior Democrats are discussing ways to formalize it.

    and …

    Begala’s partner on CNN, James Carville , who first articulated the Rush message in early February, is also pushing Dems to blare this message, he confirms. “He is the embodiment of the Republican party, circa 2009,” Carville said.

    What a coincidence. Who is on the other line?

    So begins another morning in what may count as Washington’s longest-running conversation — a street-corner bull session between four old friends who suddenly find themselves standing once more at the busiest intersection of politics and media in Washington.

    Carville calls White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

    Emanuel calls ABC News Chief Washington Correspondent George Stephanopoulos .

    A bit later, CNN commentator Paul Begala, who is not quite the early bird that his friends are, will complete the circle with a rapid set of calls to all three.

    Talk about controlling the message.

  6. Jjc2008

    the deep end…I see it as more of an open manifestation of what the right has always done….use fear and xenophobia to control the masses and keep the oligarchy and/or plutocracy in power.

    When I was a little girl, I was scared to death of communists.  I had nightmares of them coming over, grabbing kids like me, putting a knife to our necks and demanding we deny our religion and turn in our parents. Every Saturday I would wait for the air raid practice and try to get my parents to hide in the cellar with me and pretend the commies were bombing us.  Fortunately my parents who had grown up in the depression, were immigrants who experienced the wrong end of xenophobia, did not feed the fears imposed by the government (think Duck and Cover).  Between my parents, Rod Serling’s Twilight Zone, and MAD magazaine, by the end of 8th grade my world view started to change.

    But I continually saw the scheme played over and over…the scare tactics used in the 60s (the dirty filthy hippies are going to steal your kids and turn them into drug addicts). I remember how most (white) people I knew reacted when at the 1968 Mexico City Olympics two athletes raised their hand in the black power salute were used as examples of all the bad things that were coming out of “civil rights”.

    But I naively thought by the 70s things had change….then Nixon got elected.  But Watergate I was sure would finally wake people up.  Instead, the powerful  media of the right (even then corporatists were taking over) spun lies, spun Reagan as a hero.  When so many democrats voted for Reagan, union men and women voting for one of the most anti union figures of our time, I knew the right had won.  

    Bill Clinton gave me a hope of us changing course but so many on the left were (and still are) willing to buy the spin and lies of the right, and Clinton’s own Congress turned on him (my biggest fear for Obama is that).  

    But even back when Reagan was in, Limbaugh was spewing his hate and was getting ordinary people to buy into it.  Reagan was spun as some hero by the press. Yet, the minute Clinton took office bands of “angry white men” took to wearing camouflage, going out with their guns before Clinton took them away.

    The difference is that the right wing hinge machine was not as well oiled as it is now; and of course the right has their own 24 hour outlet in FOX NOISE.

    Is it worse or just more evident?  The reason I say they have not gone off the deep end is because I believe that is where they have always been. They just used to be better at spinning it or wanted to spin it as centrist…now they are boldly willing to be racist, sexist, xenophobic, homophobic.  In some ways, I think it is good….because in the 80s, normal rational people simply were unwilling to believe that the Reagan administration was supporting despots who were killing and torturing poor people in south and central America; they were unwilling to see that “trickle down” was going to destroy the middle class; and were deaf to the warnings about energy dependence, global warming, and privatization.

    I feel sad that it took so long for so many to wake up but I am relieved that now the OBVIOUS is obvious.

  7. fogiv

    Some comments from TexasDarlin’s cesspool:

    sherrib February 28, 2009 at 1:14 pm | Reply  

    Has anyone thought of the idea that Obumba and his thugs are doing all of this in order to push us into a fight? Once that breaking point finally occurs, and given the breakneck speed at which he’s trying to push everything through, it’s not long in coming, Obumba will have the chance to do the one thing that I believe is his main goal all along… Martial Law. Using Martial law he can suspend elections, suspend the Constitution, and attempt a complete takeover of this country.

    Also, any ideas of what can be done arms wise for those who have a limited amount of money and just plain can’t afford them, as in my case? I’m a single mom who is just making ends meet as it is. Licensing, training, and purchasing is out of my range, sadly.

    Snippets of replies to the above:

    Take up archery. For $100 you can get a crossbow and a few bolts. They’re slow and hard to cock, but at close range they will go through a person. Traditional bows are faster and more graceful.

    There are very strong slingshots available which could kill a person with a head shot.

    Learn to throw a knife. Throwing knives are cheap and a wood or straw target is easy to make. Also deadly, if you get good at it. And, you’ll be ready to throw rocks or grenades too.

    A shotgun may be a good self defense weapon if you aren’t familiar with marksmanship. A shotgun fires numerous pellets with one shot. Buckshot, which is typically used for self defense, usually has from 9 to 40 pellets, depending on type used. It makes it a lot easier to hit a target in an emergency situation.

    For an inexperienced individual who wants basic self defense, I would suggest a New England Firearms shotgun. If you are a woman of slight stature I would suggest getting it in 20 gauge and possibly in a youth model (shorter and lighter). Load it with #3 buckshot and practice with it.

    If guns are absolutely out of the question then there are knives, clubs, pepper spray, stun guns, etc.

    Call me paranoid or call it too much internet, but I have begun to prepare for “it.” My husband and I are stocking up on MRE’s , water purification tablets, seeds (I can freeze them), guns!!!! and reloading supplies.


  8. Tonight’s Mailing from the RNC:

    Dear Chris,

    As you know, my mission as the new Chairman of the Republican National Committee is to rebuild our party from the grassroots up – using new technology to spread our conservative message and remind voters that our party is the one and only true party of the people.

    But before we get too far down that road, we’ve got some unfinished business to attend to. Specifically, we’ve got to stop liberal Democrat comedian Al Franken from stealing Norm Coleman’s U.S. Senate seat in Minnesota.

    As you may know, Norm Coleman won re-election on November 4th by 215 votes. But a subsequent recount — tainted with inconsistencies and improperly counted ballots — awarded a temporary 225-vote margin to Franken.

    As I write to you, Franken and his allies are working feverishly to persuade a panel of judges in Minnesota that certain un-counted ballots must remain un-counted… and deny the one-person, one-vote principle which is the very foundation of our democratic process.

    Your immediate financial support of the Coleman for Senate Recount Fund will help us stop this tragic injustice, and I urge you to click here now to help.

    As the former Lieutenant Governor of Maryland and candidate for the U.S. Senate, I’m no stranger to the gutter campaign tactics and shady legal maneuverings of the Left Wing. They don’t fight fair, and they’ll stop at nothing to consolidate the power they crave.

    This outrageous power grab by Al Franken and Harry Reid must not stand. With Norm Coleman in the Senate protecting taxpayers, it would have been much more difficult for Obama and Reid to get the 60 votes they needed to pass their outrageous, pork-laden stimulus package. And with Norm in the Senate protecting workers, it will be much more difficult for the Democrats to pass “Card-Check” legislation that will prevent the right of workers to cast secret ballots in union elections.

    These are but just a few of the reasons why I’m counting on you to support Norm Coleman’s recount fund with the most generous contribution you can make.

    Click here to contribute $15, $25 or $35. If you can contribute $50, $100, $500 or more – up to the legal maximum of $2,300 per person – please do so now. Whatever the amount, we need your help to keep a good man doing a fine job for the conservative principles you and I share.

    Republicans must once again assert that the opportunities this nation has to offer rests not in government, but in the hands of individuals. Through both our words and our deeds, our party will do just that in the elections to come.

    But first, we’ve got some unfinished business from 2008. The power to return Norm Coleman to the U.S. Senate rests in your hands right now, through the click of a mouse and your contribution to the Coleman for Senate Recount Fund.

    I look forward to your reply. Help me help Norm, and begin the process of rebuilding our party for 2010 and beyond.

    Thanks so much,

    Michael Steele

    Chairman, Republican National Committee

  9. KLRinLA

    economic differences.  Who brings Jesus  into a tax/spend debate?  Oh yeah, lunatics.  And then irony, in how many of these wind pissers are likely going to benefit from Obama’s economic agenda?  

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