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How long have you been sitting out there reading this and other blogs? Have you ever spoken up? Would you like to participate in one of these political websites?

Years ago I would check in with Kos and read the front page. I never really considered getting involved. I did not have a computer at home, and would occasionally surf whenever I had free time at work.

After purchasing a computer a few years ago, I began to take more interest in what the internet has to offer. This brought me back to Kos, Salon, Politico and so on. Kos was too big for me to feel safe to post. Additionally, I found that I did not care much for the tone there any longer. I finally found MyDD in late 2007 and felt at home there for much of the primaries.

I am astonished that I did not start posting on MyDD until late winter of 2008. I finally felt I had something to say, and to be perfectly honest, I am not especially proud of some of my first comments. Ah, the primary wars. Will I ever feel so alive again?

I enjoyed MyDD until it became apparent it was descending into a dysfunctional site and the unhealthy elements were pulling me in.

Motley Moose came along at exactly the right time for me. This past summer I was invited to join a group of amazing people to start this blog. I am still humbled that I have been given this opportunity and hope that I have been able to adequitely serve this community. All of you have given me gifts beyond articulation. I wish I could participate more and return to serious discourse again, but for now I may remain just Hollede, and hopefully help people laugh, sing and dance.

I am not familiar with many other blogs. I like it here, and am not as fond of travel as I once was. Those of us who started this blog may seem a bit tight and you might feel that you could not possibly enter into such close knit group. However, I believe that is not reality.

The folk who started Motley Moose almost six months ago are close, but not closed. I lurk here all of the time, post silliness on a weekly basis, and occasionally throw my opinions around. It is apparent to me that everyone who posts here is welcomed and appreciated. We may not always agree, but are rarely disagreable.