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The Lounge: Creepy Crawlies & Other Follies From a Flawed Blogger.

Today something creepy happened to me…  But I’ll get to that in a minute – but first I guess I should give a bit of context.  Since I began blogging in the spring, I have generally been quite private and a bit of a recluse when it has come to sharing personal information.  Call me paranoid, but it just one of my ‘things.’

Anyway – this brings me to the creepy crawlies.  Today, someone at another blog cut out a snippet of one of my comments here and posted it at another blog.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but part of that comment included a bit of personal information that I felt quite uncomfortable sharing elsewhere.

So I have decided to share some information about me. I:

my foot

-Have a serious affinity for lower case


-Eat way, way to much candy

-Drive an Volvo SUV

-Spend way too much time blogging

-Can be ditzy

-Love trashy TV

There’s more of course but since I’m private… Well…

Which I guess the point for me is that the Moose is my safe place.  So for those of you, the charter, long-time and new users – lurkers:  Look for me in the corner with a martini and a french pedi.


  1. sricki

    Look, comments on the Moose AND MyDD in the same day! I’m on a roll! How are my fellow Mooses doin’?

    You know, I’d not have figured you a smoker. I was for about… 6 years. Then quit. Then started again — quit again about a month ago. Heh. Hope it lasts, but I make no promises. ; )

    As for personal info… um, I have cats — and that’s about as far as I’m gonna go on the blog.

    Nice foot though. ; )

  2. louisprandtl

    Pierre Richard’s Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire.

    I don’t know who wrote about you and what in a different blog, but I can surely appreciate the privacy aspect of it.  

  3. fogiv

    No shit, CG, your best diary yet.  I’d share something personal, but lacking your wisdom, I already broke the seal on that one.  Is there anything anyone doesn’t know about me by now?

  4. I’ve never been a foot fetishist – but I could start.

    Do you actually type with your feet? That would be a useful trick wouldn’t it, especially if one’s multiblogging.

    Thanks for the insight into yourself. It really helps I think, because writing can give such a one dimensional aspect of a person. The fact you smoke – like Obama – warms me to you even more. I occasionally smoke cigars, but am addicted to the gum (which is apparently harmless) so I get to enjoy my nicotine and not feel breathless down the gym.

    Great that you feel safe on the Moose. I think we all do, even though we disagree about a lot of things – we know we’re sincere and not just trying to rile and confuse, but struggle to some kind of joint understand.

    I’m also now coming round to Chris’ point of view that a lot of the bile and bad faith would disappear if we all used our real names. Problematic in other ways I know, but with sockpuppet anonymity, a lot of these blogs would calm down.  

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