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  1. spacemanspiff

    … couldn’t of asked for a better blogosphere fam.

    I hope each and everyone of my peeps knows how much I love them.

    I’m out the door to party!

    Bless the Moose!

    Read ya next year! d-_-b

  2. anna shane

    to this bunch, thanks for inviting me into this cool blog where things get rough but never nasty.  

    Got to admit it’s getting better, a little better all the time (it can’t get much worse)

    yer fren, a

  3. A new year unfolding. Some old friends slipped away, some new friends welcomed. That sounds much like any year, yet it was really a very different year for me.

    2008 started miserably. The prior year was probably the worst year of my life. Much of 2008 was spent dealing with the emotional, physical, and financial wreckage left over from 2007. There were few bright spots, but there were a few.

    Participating in the blogosphere provided one of my few escapes this past year. Interacting with others took me out of my small world. Watching the Republicans get thrashed at the polls was wonderful. Thinking something I wrote might have contributed a tiny bit to that thrashing was especially pleasing. However, none of that was the best of the year.

    What truly made this past year memorable for me were the new friends I made. Many of them right here on this blog. Happy New Year to all of those friends.

  4. Michelle

    2008 was an absolutely tragic year for me, as many of you know….but I am warmed by the light of 2009.  One of the truly saving graces…one of those seemingly small things in life…has been The Moose for me….

    Thank you to all my dear friends – here – for your love and support.

  5. what a year its been both out there in the big wide world and in my little place in it.  i honestly cannot believe that i have made friends with people (who i have never met) near and far who challenge me to think, question and make the world a better place.

    here’s to 2009, the winds of change and the warmest wishes to my moose mishpacha.

  6. alyssa chaos

    yes! finally!

    out with the old in with the new…

    happy new year to all you moosey ladies and gents [aka the coolest peeps in the blogosphere]!

  7. …I’m in poetical mood – so here’s my translation of a Lorca poem. Somehow it seems appropriate and reflective. Or maybe I just like the pics.

    Happy New Year my fellow Moosers. Looking forward to spending a lot of the next year with you all.


    Every song

    is a suspension

    of love

    and every star

    is a suspension

    of time

    a distention

    of time

    and every breath

    a suspension

    of grief

    Translated by Peter Jukes from Cada Cancion by Gabriel Garcia Lorca

  8. DeniseVelez

    in the New Year!

    (for those of you who live in civilized nations that have health care already – congrats)

    Hugs to all you Mooseketeers!


  9. louisprandtl

    as the rock of our family, my Dad suddenly passed away last May. I’m very grateful that some of you were very kind to me at MyDD during that time. It doesn’t get easy but time does not stop moving. Each of us are trying to pick up the pieces and trying to reconstruct what is not there…

    Here’s hoping for a much better 2009. Cherrio to All Moosekateers..


  10. KLRinLA

    It has been fantastic reading everyone’s material and learning from each of you. I wish you all the best!  

    p.s. on my visit back to the east coast, I passed by a bar that I had previously forgotten, The Purple Moose Saloon.  That made me smile and think of how this blog began.

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