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2008 Tubing Blues

America to bush: Good riddance! A stunning 75% are glad he is leaving office, while only 23% say they will miss him. Surprise, surprise. More amazing bits found here in CSPAN Junkie’s tube, aptly called the “Worst President in American History”.

I am a bit worried about the bush team’s attempt to rewrite their legacy. This tube might just be the ticket.

I never noticed how pale Cheney is. Does he really sleep in a coffin?

The Onion details the plight of the wealthy. I shed a real tear for them this past Christmas.

Report: Nation❝s Wealthy Cruelly Deprived Of True Meaning Of Christmas

Hey we are almost there! Heck of a job bushie.

Jib Jab chronicles this past year. I would love to look back at the past eight ‘end of the year’ Jib Jabs. Do they go back that far? It has been a pretty rough decade until very recently. 21 days and counting.

I think the kid is gonna be ok in ’09.

Oh noes! I almost forgot the day in 100 seconds. Monday, December 29, 2008, boiled down to it’s very essence and served up by TPMtv.

I always wonder what Peggy Noonan is on. I’m thinking lots of Xanax with an Ambian kicker.

I cannot resist Headzup. It’s like a drug for me.

If I don’t catch you before the flip, Happy New Year fellow Moosers!  


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