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Tubing into Friday *Updated*

December 19, 2008. 100 of the very best seconds you will ever see!

And December 18, 2008. All you need to know in 100 seconds.

Why do teh gays always get thrown under da bus?

Sooo…hey look! Blago!

I laughed when I heard that North Dakota was first in the nation for corruption. This is a state where, literally, over half of all the homes do not lock their doors. There is (or at least was) a gas station that was done on the honor system. You pump the gas, you put the money into the box. For real.

Such blatent bias in the media!!!

The funny/scary part is, the owner of the weather channel does not believe in Global Climate Change.

An oldie but goodie. Mr Cheney has been giving us the creeps for quite some time.

Here is an idea.

Oh man, I would love to see this at the shrub’s next press conference.

Ooh and this is the perfect place to shop.

This just says it all.

I am so tired of wussy Democrats.


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