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Iranian Blogfather Arrested.

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Hossein Derakhshan, an Iranian-Canadian blogger known as Hoder was arrested in Tehran on charges of spying for Israel and could face the death penalty, according to a number of media reports.  

Derakhshan, lived in Toronto for seven years and moved to the U.K. in 2007. Widely considered the most prominent Iranian blogger, Derakhshan has been writing on his blog since 2001 and it has been censored numerous times by Iranian authorities. His pioneering work has earned him the nickname of “Godfather of the Iranian Blogosphere.”  Hoder is also considered a controversial figure for his support of the Iranian regime.

In 2006, he visited Israel and at the time was quoted as saying that this could make returning to his birth country difficult.

“This might mean that I won’t be able to go back to Iran for a long time, since Iran doesn’t recognize Israel, has no diplomatic relations with it, and apparently considers traveling there illegal. Too bad, but I don’t care. Fortunately, I’m a citizen of Canada and I have the right to visit any country I want.”

The reason for his visit to Iran is unknown.

It has been speculated that Derakhshan was likely arrested sometime in the last two weeks. A number of journalism activist groups have begun campaigns calling for his release.

Hoder’s had his writing published in the Washington Post, the  Guardian and other publications.


  1. Hollede

    And thank you for introducing me to Hossein Derakhshan. I am very sorry to hear that he has been arrested, but wonder if this will not move Persians further toward freedom.

    The 1979 Iranian revolution was actually a socialist revolution coopted and stolen by right wing religious fundamentalists like Khomeini. The Iranian people, especially in Tehran, were highly educated and fairly secular compared to other countries in the region.

    I think the children and grandchildren of that revolution are interested in change as well.

  2. anna shane

    to the Iranian authorities at his gmail address, I’m sure they’re reading his mail, and asked for his release.  I can’t believe he spied for Israel, that sounds so bogus.  Most of us worry about what Israel can get up to even more than the other players in that region, it’s free speech we want, not war.  Which is one of the many reasons we wanted a thoughtful and informed president and not a hot-dog.  

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