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Hump Day You Tubes [UPDATED for Tursday]

All I want for Christmas are some human rights.

Tuesday December 9, 2008 was one bleep of a bleeping, bleeped up day (in 100 seconds).

Got money?

It is good to plan ahead for your white’s only neighborhood.

Only 15 days ’til Christmas.

Maybe not such a great holiday for reindeer, moose and polar bears.

I decided against my original title of Hump You Tubes. Am I self censoring or just appropriate?

Another day, December 10, 2008, another 100 seconds.

[Update] Another day, a couple more tubes.

Uh oh. They are getting on a mega bleeping roll, all in 100 seconds on Tursday, Demember 11, 2008. DUCK!

Busy, busy Onion day for the President…

The real question is, which Ppresident will deal with the crisis?

Ok, one more for today. I can never resist a new Headzup, and one about Bill-o is just too much fun for one little tubing heart.

Now I am going to try to go to bed early for once.


  1. Hollede

    The final season of “the L Word” starts in January on Showtime.

    Almost in time to stop the breaking of my heart, and ease the possible overwhelming grief, due to the ending of this season of my all time favorite show, “Dexter”.

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