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  1. spacemanspiff

    I’ve been taking a break from blogs (blasky check your wobbling email).

    I’ve been actively lurking, but trying not to comment.

    I’m not in the best frame of mind right now (real life probs) and I don’t want to write anything I’ll regret later (cuz I’m mad and sad).

    I came out of lurk mode to respond to a fellow “moose” who went on another site to trash this one.

    If you’re reading this “moose”, why not come down and have a conversation here so all can know what you really think of this place.

    You can shit on spacemanspiff all you want but don’t go after the Moose or my family here and not think I won’t respond to your smears and lies.


    I’m around guys, just trying to work some things out.

    I hope to be back to my regular incoherent ramblings in no time! ; )

    Send positive vibes my way please!

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