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Oh Noes…Where’s the Funny?!

I am kind of bummed today. I am missing something very important to me, and am not sure when I will find it again. You see, I must laugh often, and my favorite target is almost painfully absent.

I can be a bit too serious and have learned that I must seek out humor as much as I can. When I was a Child Protection Investigator, the need for humor was absolute. My favorite kind of humor has always been political, and it really is the only time I can make fun of people without feeling bad.

Suddenly I am lost. Suddenly there isn’t really anyone to laugh at in politics. I am not a mean person, but my most aggressive and evil tendencies do come out during elections. Herein lies my conundrum.  

Right now the republicans are pathetic. They are so beaten, it is not even enjoyable to make fun of them. I am missing my Palin and McCain bashing, and I can’t even make fun of bush because he seems like such a sad failure.

I know that the republicans will eventually deliver for me again. I suppose it will become very funny watching the circular firing squad of the re-cannibals, but I am kind of bored by the current state of the opposition.

Ah well, maybe I just need to agree with Anna Shane and say, what a relief!


  1. anna shane

    are walking in the woods and they come across some tracks. One says, bear tracks, absolutely. But the other one says, no, it’s deer, for sure. Then they were hit by a train.  

  2. spacemanspiff

    ight now the republicans are pathetic. They are so beaten, it is not even enjoyable to make fun of them.

    I’ve been feeling that way.

    Looking for new targets.

    Can’t believe Bachman won. Stevens???

    WTF? Some people should not be allowed to vote.

  3. KLRinLA

    he did exactly what he set out to do: privatizing as much as possible and then transferring federal wealth to his buddies to perform the typically state run functions.  What I think is funny is that repubs just started figuring out Bush was on his own team with cheney and co.  They did a cash grab for 8 years for a very few of them and then got the f out, leaving the country, as well as the party that lock step voted for their policies, in shambles.  

    The only thing he didn’t do was establish Midde East American Oil Co., Inc.  But that was always a pipe dream

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