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Good but Strange Days….

Well since the election I have attempted to return to the progressive blogosphere full force ahead and the results have been mixed at best.  Not at the moose of course 😉  It sort of seems to me of what I imagined people were feeling in Europe at the end of WWII.  People hobbling out of bombed out buildings, reuniting with their families, etc.


However I have noticed a disturbing trend that was also seen in those post-war days.  Bullying.  From revisiting primary grudges to mocking progressive causes based on the opportunity to mock Clinton and Edwards (or their supporters).  

I am not certain why this is of course, but mady over at MyDD had an intresting thought on the topic:

The last few days have been very odd.  The election was a success for all Democrats but the most die-hard haters.  We did well, very well and shared a hell of a campaign and a great night.  

There is this colossal, post-election letdown going on (was almost going to write post-partum because it almost seems like that is what is going on) and folks are a bit nuts, floundering, trying to find the solid ground on which to take the next step.

Everyone wants to claim some ownership of the near-miracle that has just happened in this country.  Everyone also has an agenda.  We are not fighting the GOPs at the moment, but are looking for little battles to fight among our own.  

I would hate, hate, for Brit to leave this site.  I think the voices here to just disrupt will go away at some point or be overshadowed, as they usually tend to be, in the long run by saner ones.  I think as any of us say anything right now we need to consider what brought us to this, where we are, and the massive job that needs doing now to fix the country and to heal the wounds of the  primary (a lot of genuinely important issues that came out of that were put on hold but not addressed) as we continue to revel in what has happened, and how all of this is going to kind of be splattering all over the place.

I am speaking to myself first and then anyone reading this, forbearance and patience for the moment.  All that rational exuberance needs to die down and we can get to the point where this is about how we are doing as a party, governing, but right now, well stress comes with major life events, the good and the bad and folks are kind of frayed.

Is this it?  I don’t know.  But one thing is for certain, in the dawn of a new political era we would all be better off to show more kindness to one another.


  1. Hollede

    but we must retain the ability to keep fighting for the issues we believe in. We have to figure out how to make progress that elevates all of us, without shattering our coalitions into separate fragments.

  2. anna shane

    there is a lost art of conversation, ya know, and people do bond over moralistic concerns and by group trashing.  It got very obvious during the primary that few wanted to converse and many wanted to bully. I settled for mocking, which was fun for me (apologies to my moose victims, but hey, this girl’s got to get a laugh).

    I don’t think this will change until manners become cool and until people learn to listen before expounding.  But it is Barack’s main message and has (ironically) been his message from the start (given the dkos supporters).  If we focus on differences and crab each other to tears and micro-misunderstand each other to ground, we won’t have that much fun. Serious is soooo boring.  

    I suggest the interim step of mocking. That way at least you’ll be having fun?  

  3. sricki

    I smile. I have truly missed you, CG, more than anyone else on these vast internets. Was absent almost entirely from the blogosphere for a few weeks there, then kept my attentions here because I didn’t have the energy to deal with MyDD. Trying to do both now, need to get involved at DKos again too.

    And you’re right on this. It worries me. The division in the blogosphere makes me nervous. We have proven ourselves capable of great things. We were no small part of Obama’s victory Tuesday night. We make a difference, we matter, I know we do. If we didn’t, I wouldn’t be here. And there IS a lot of bullying, there IS a lot of division. I feel like the AA and gay communities are experiencing some strain. I think the gay community feels slightly betrayed, and I get that sentiment. In all honesty, I’m not the marrying sort, but I do know what it’s like to look into the eyes of someone I love and know that marriage isn’t even an option. And it’s a rotten feeling.

    Two progressive communities at odds with each other, it’s very upsetting. I’m not yet sure what to make of it. This is food for thought on the AA/Prop 8 issue. The bullying needs to stop, but at the same time, I know I’m guilty of a bit of bullying myself. Just look at my responses to Zeitgeist9000’s bigotry. It’s hard not to take a bullying, sarcastic tone with someone like that. So I’m guilty of it, too. I think we’re all judging each other too freely. I think we’re at a loss. Looking for something or someone to fight. And I think we’re directing that energy inward. We need to reassess.

  4. spacemanspiff

    I love to flame.

    Big surprise there. It’s not like you don’t read my comments.


    Why do I like to flame?


    I think that deserves its own diary. My area of expertise is trolling lunatic fringe blogs. Lunatics at NoQuarter hate the trolls I unleash on them. I guess I get a kick out of knowing I made them feel like shit. Some people take it so seriously that it’s hysterical to watch how obesessed and lost in their blog world they are. I can tell they can’t see straight and are hyperventilitating. Spitting because they are so mad. That’s how I get back on them for peddling filth. Ruin a couple of minutes of their life.

    I think this deserves a diary. But I want to make something clear. I only flame trolls.

    Well. You’ve seen me.  If you try to smear me, or the Moose, you are going to get some sMs love.

    Don’t give a fuck if you’re rankles or Kos himself.


    President-e Obama wants to troll on the Moose. I’ll h’rate and ban his ass.

    No mercy.

    The trick here. Have fun while blogging and concentrate on the good.

    When I troll. I play dumb for weeks, or months sometimes. Most of the time I just go in and do my thing and get a few laughs. It’s not hard to infiltrate any blog if you wanted to. Which is why I’ve always said to not take seriously the over the top comments and attacks.

    Smile, mock, move on.

    anna shane said it best upthread :

    I settled for mocking, which was fun for me (apologies to my moose victims, but hey, this girl’s got to get a laugh).

    I live by this code (except the girl part).

  5. but then I gave up on mydd three months ago.

    The sentiment in this comment is certainly admirable

    I don’t know.  But one thing is for certain, in the dawn of a new political era we would all be better off to show more kindness to one another.

    but it is also unrealistic. People aren’t going to suddenly be selfless humanitarians ready for a group hug. People are people. Some are friendly, some are antagonistic, some are social creatures, others are anti-social. Some only want to get along and others thrive on confrontation.

    The anonymity of the ‘Net leads to confrontation and bullying. Wimps become bullies and bullies become thugs. Mild-mannered people become their victims. I doubt this will ever change. The only way to deal with it is the same as in real life. You have to stand up for yourself and others against the bullies.

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