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  1. Hollede

    even more pumped up by the election. We have six months to a year to get shit done. We cannot allow the page to turn on him. The repugs are going to do anything they can to bring him down.

  2. rfahey22

    I see that diarists on DKos are already resurrecting the usual bullshit against him, and so I may have to try and elevate the discourse a little bit.  It really bothers me when people who have no idea what they are talking about lead the lynch mob.

  3. the tone of this site is going to be.  I am hoping for moderation.  In my view, America is not a left, right, center left, or center right nation.  Each individual is a mix of a range of liberal and conservative ideals.  

    We’ve elected our leader…now what?  I was disappointed in Kos this morning, not because I expect constant cheerleading for Obama, but because of the overt hand-wringing.  

    Obama has stated that he wants to govern the WHOLE country, not just the red or the blue part.  I, for one, EXPECT to be in disagreement with some of his policies, but I think that it would show that he’s trying to do what he said.  

    I want to work hard, and together.    

  4. dtox

    but only briefly. It’s only a matter of time till the fight is won.

    New York City on Tuesday night was pure magic. I spend most of the night just wandering around taking it in.

  5. now that the election is over. There will be issues to deal with – health care, the war, the economy, etc… There are reputations to restore – Rev. Wright, Khalidi, etc… There are divisions to heal. There is an election in 2 years where the Republicans will probably gain seats if history is any guide. There is certainly plenty to write about and discuss.

    The country has never been so energized about politics. That is great, because politics affects everything in this country. We have a chance to do our small part to make things better. Let’s stay true to the motto of the Moose – Progress through politics.

  6. NavyBlueWife

    when they work to foster great discussion like this one…thanks Louisprandtl!  Discussion forums let me think through many things that I have on my mind to formulate a diary on and research out a bit…of course, everyone can count on my continued interest in military issues…I’m sort of a one-trick pony that way. 😉

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